Style Tips for our Demi Caps and Demi Camis

Did you catch the video on Monday talking about the Demi Caps and Demi Camis? If not, scroll down and watch it! We (once again) wanted to start off with the disclaimer that the Demi Caps and Demi Camis are NOT available online yet but we are going to let you know as soon as they are.  But if you live in Utah you can get the Demi Caps and Demi Camis in red, white and black at our store in the University Mall.

Now on to these great new shirts and all the ways you can use them!

#1 Petit or Shorter Torsoed Women: Regular layering shirts might be way too long for you but you still want to have more coverage up on top or put together a fun layered look. These will be PERFECT for you.

#2 Pregnancy or Nursing: One of the cute employees in our store is pregnant, and when we first made these she was hooked after day one with them.  She tells every single other pregnant customer who walks through the door. She loves them because they don’t give her weird layering lines, are so much more comfortable and keep her cooler while getting through those last overheated months of pregnancy. She also can layer them under the very popular maxi dress for maternity wear or just to complete a layered look. These also work great for nursing.

#3 Exercise: The dancers that have come into the store looking for new workout gear were so excited to see these Demi Caps and Demi Camis. They give them a bit more movement. People just looking for yoga gear or gym gear have been picking them up as well.

#4 Summer Months: There might be tops or dresses that you want to wear during the summer months that aren’t modest enough on top but you don’t want to deal with having a WHOLE shirt underneath during the summer months. Now we have created a product that completely solves this problem.


Bold Colors Trend

If you love fashion or just love to shop, you probably have already noticed some of the strong 2011 spring trends starting to creep their way into stores. Whites are huge this year, along with 70’s inspired clothes and BOLD colors. Some people can be nervous to try new trends. Sometimes it’s hard to try something new or you like to just ease your way into the trend.

We have you covered on the Bold Colors trend and can help you go either all out with it OR just try a bit of it here and there in your wardrobe. Think cheerful bold colors. We are really excited for this trend.

#1 Fun, Flirty Skirts in Bold Colors: Yes, everyone knows that our skirts come in black, tan, denim, etc. but everyone is so surprised when they walk into our store in the mall here in Utah and see them in color. They are available in color! The Belle Skirt comes in royal blue and *bright* red. Our Tulip Skirt comes in a beautiful raspberry and indigo. Just those skirts paired with a crisp white button-up top (because that is the other big trend for spring, WHITE!) would make for a really fun outfit. If you are more daring and love to have fun with fashion you could pair it with another bold color.

#2 Our Basics Line: We can’t WAIT to show you the colors we have picked out for our spring line…we can show them off very, very soon but they are going to be perfect for this trend. You can wear any of these new colors in our basics line with just a pair of jeans. If wearing such a bright, bold color is still a little scary to you, you could pair it under a toned down earth tone cardigan or jacket. Then you just have a *pop* of that color and can have fun with the new trend in a toned down way.

New Ways to Wear the Classic Pencil Skirt

We always say it here on the Mod Bod fashion blog, but we mean it. Our pencil skirt it a MUST HAVE item for every closet. It is good with every body type, you can make it work for any situation, it is a timeless classic piece and is for any and every single age out there.

BUT we did want to give you fresh, new ways to use your pencil skirt. It is fun to create completely different looks with the same piece.

#1 Summer Shirt: Yes it is still winter and you might not think of wearing a “summer” inspired shirt to the office, although it makes for a really great look. A button down eyelet shirt, white/cream tunic or a white top with lace are the perfect examples.

#2 Military Inspired: Our Mod Bod Pencil Skirt is available in black and brown which would work perfectly for the strong “military” trend this season.  Pair it with other earth tones (like gray), a strong blazer or a military jacket to pull off the look. Don’t forget to wear some feminine pumps so you don’t make the look too masculine.

#3 Skirt plus belted cardi over an untucked V-neck: This is cute and semi-casual but polished enough for the office. I like how the neutral-colored blush cardigan contrasts ever so slightly with the plain white tee—it’s a combination I wouldn’t have thought of but works really well.

Looking for an outfit to try out the ankle boot trend? We LOVE it with the pencil skirt. It is a safe way to go to try the new shoe style out!

New Year’s Eve Party Tips

If you are lucky enough to have a great party to go to New Year’s Eve night, then you need to go all out and dress the part! New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to dress your best, try something new with fashion and look smouldering!

Here are some quick ideas to help you pull it off:

#1 Major Eyeliner: In the right way of course, so you don’t look like a raccoon! But try going all the way around your eye. Top and bottom, and if you’re brave, line the inside rim.

#2 Soft Skin: When wearing a dress or top that might be showing off a bit more skin, make sure you skin looks well taken care of! We all are probably suffering from some sort of dry skin because of winter. Gently scrub all over with a body brush before you hop in the shower, then slather on a rich moisturizer.

#3 DIY Reverse French Manicure: We LOVE this idea. To DIY, cover your nails with a nude polish, then let dry. Use a tiny brush and an inky lacquer or a polish pen to make the half-moon shape at the base of your nails. Finish with topcoat.


#4 Lastly, the LIPS: Red is coming back and if you can find YOUR perfect red in time to try it out for the party, you totally should. But sometimes it can take a while to find the right red so another fun thing to do would be to up the gloss! Apply lipstick and dab on shine with your finger to avoid goopiness. Then dip a cotton swab in translucent powder and trace around your lips—it’ll prevent bleeding.

We loved this fashion tutorial video on Party Dresses and thought it would be perfect for this time of year. Don’t forget that you can use our mod bod basics line to make your outfit modest but still look fabulous!

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe for 2011

It is the perfect time to buy yourself a few new things for your 2011 wardrobe! Why not know in advance what the trends are going to be for spring so you can get the most with your money? Let us give you some tips for new things to add to your wardrobe that are ALSO trends for spring 2011.

  • Clutches & Envelope Bags: Adding a new bag, purse or clutch to your wardrobe can actually give your clothing a fresh new look.
  • Ruffles, yes still ruffles! But we aren’t tired of them yet and we’re glad that this has been a strong trend for a good year now. You can find pieces that have ruffles around the collar or hemline or even in your accessories.
  • White, yes WHITE, is the color to watch out for and stock up on for spring 2011. Phew! A color that is easy to find and really does go with everything.
  • The new length is *Below* the knee! Don’t you love when trends are actually modest and you can feel trendy but not show off too much skin? Our Mod Bod skirts will be perfect for this trend, like our Katie Jean Skirt pictured below:
  • Boyfriend Style Button Down Shirts. Yes, this means that they fit you looser and are longer on you.
  • Trouser Jeans are the new skinny jeans. This is exciting for those of us that didn’t feel like we could ever pull off the skinny jeans!
  • Lastly, you have to get a new pair of shoes for your wardrobe. Platform wedges are the shoes that are going to be hot this year. Look how great they look with the trouser jeans!

Coat Fashion Trend

Coats are actually fun to buy now!  There are bright coats, coats with great patterns and coats with different types of fabrics! You can have an outfit that really shines because of the coat or jacket you have picked out. Another great thing is that these fun coats can be less expensive so you can pick up three or four to use instead of just one.

We love how much personality coats have and how you can find one that is really just *YOU.*  It does make for the perfect outfit!

At our Mod Bod Store in University Mall we have brought in some of our favorite coats from other vendors to pair with our Mod Bod tops underneath. Seriously, a perfect outfit is a fabulous coat, a Mod Bod basic to make it pop and some great jeans. And you are set!

Here are some great questions to ask yourself to find the PERFECT coat:

  • Does the coat match your shape and proportions?
  • Are the sleeves the correct length – falling just below the wrist?
  • Is the coat the right length to suit your height, body shape and lifestyle?
  • Does the coat feel comfortable when stretching out your arms or does it pull tight?
  • Do the collar, pockets, vents and lapels lie flat and even?
  • If the coat is lined, check for a GOOD  lining.
  • Does the coat feel comfortable and not inhibiting? (Walk around in it for a few minutes, button it up and sit down)
  • Does the coat allow for enough movement to match how your day goes?
  • The Pencil Skirt, A Piece that ALWAYS Needs to Be in Your Wardrobe

    We just love the Pencil Skirt trend here at Mod Bod. We think it looks stylish, trendy, modern and modest. It’s very glamorous too, and there are so many things you can do with a pencil skirt.
    The length and fit of a pencil skirt is great for every body type. It should be a go-to item in your wardrobe!
    But who knows how much these outfits cost these celebs? Our Mod Bod pencil skirt is high quality, a wonderful fit and an affordable price at 44.95. It comes in black, khaki and brown in sizes S to XL. You can buy it here.

    Dead Trends & Trends that are Still Going Strong!

    Don’t you love those specials on fashion do’s and don’ts?  We wanted to do our own version: Dead Trends and Trends that are Still Going Strong!

    Be sure to let us know if you disagree, agree or have ideas of your own!


    #1 Oversized Flannel: Flannel doesn’t need to be oversized, unshapely or dull anymore. You can shop around for a different colored print than the norm or buy it in a jacket and put a great tank underneath. You can wear a fitted flannel top with leggings and great boots.  Basically wear it any way but the oversized, dull flannel that we wore when we were all younger!

    #2 Doc Martens: It is time for Doc Martens to go!  There are so many different shoe choices that are durable, comfy and great for running around in, but at the same time elongate the leg and that are much more attractive!

    #3 TOO much Animal Print: We love animal print but it’s really good in only ONE aspect of your outfit.  Use it in the coat or dress or bag or top or bottom.  But please  not in every item of clothing.  That is just overkill!

    #4 Bad Fitting Jeans: Seems like most women, no matter what age, have been able to take the tutorials they have seen or heard or just FINALLY find a brand that makes them look fantastic. But there are still stragglers out there. A trend that needs to die is ill-fitting jeans in any way: jeans that show too much in the back when a woman sits down or that are too high or too tight or too loose.  Take advantage of all the tutorials and brands out there and find the jeans that will look amazing on you!

    #5 Not having FUN! Don’t let fashion or trends discourage you or overwhelm you.  Fashion is fun.  Finding your personality and look and feel makes you feel beautiful and confident to match your wonderful personality!

    Trends that are Still Going Strong!

    #1 Trench Coat: These are just so classic and we don’t see them ever going out of style!  Sure, new colors and fits come in and out. Every woman needs a great trench coat that shows off her waist and makes her look just classically beautiful.

    #2 Casual: Easy breezy, you still can be feminine and fun while at the same time feeling casual and comfy. Casual and comfy doesn’t mean sloppy anymore!  Boots are now made to be casual and elegant at the same time.  From great fitting tops to jeans, casual is in!

    #3 Shirtdresses:  A shirtdress is such a classic piece and here to stay in all lengths, colors and styles. Wear it with a belt around the waist or just paired with a great handbag.

    #4 Pencil Skirts: Aren’t you glad that here at Mod Bod we HAVE the perfect pencil skirt for you? Such a perfect look for date night, a work outfit or a more dressier event. We love how this piece has been around for decades and is still here!

    #5 White Shirt, Great Jeans & Heels: You can’t go wrong with this outfit.  It always look classy, well put together and attractive.

    Your Favorite Three Items?

    We did a video fashion tutorial last week where one of our staff members over at Blend Fashions showed off HER 3 favorite items and how she fits them into different outfits for completely different looks. She chose blazers, belts and boots and put together some beautiful outfits.

    What are YOUR three favorite items from your closet?

    The Mod Bod line is full of fabulous basics that will be in for years and years.  You can use them in such a different amount of outfits. Pick out YOUR new favorite 3 items today at

    Owner’s Top Picks

    These are the co-owners of Mod Bod, Shellie & Amanda. Below, they share their Top Picks from the Mod Bod Line and why they love them!

    Banded Cardigan

    Amanda: The new cardigan is an amazing piece for me! It’s so comfortable but has a classy feel to it. I can wear it with skirts or jeans, dressed up or dressed down.

    Shellie: I love this cardigan for it’s versatility, I can wear it buttoned up with a perfect tank and a scarf or belted for a flattering fit.


    The Perfect Tank
    I love the perfect tank because it’s just that: “perfect.” I also love how the material holds me in just enough so that I feel thinner without it being too tight!

    Lacey Front Cami
    I love the lacey front cami because it’s so versatile. I can wear it with just about anything! I don’t have to be dressy to wear the lacey cami. For me it adds a little bit of romance to my outfits. Besides all that, lace is very trendy right now. Who doesn’t love to feel like they are with the trends!


    Katie Jean Skirt
    The Katie Jean skirt is perfect for every season. Pair with a Perfect Tee or with a Perfect
    V-Neck and flip flops or mary janes for summer/spring. For a classy office fall/winter outfit, pair with a Banded Cardigan and a Perfect Tank or with a Perfect V-Neck, heels or boots.

    Perfect V Neck A-Perfect V Neck

    Perfect V-Neck
    The Perfect V-Neck is my all around favorite mod bod shirt. I love to wear this shirt with my shorts, capris, jeans, skirts and dress slacks. Classy enough for work, comfortable enough for everyday!