Guide to Dressing Your Body Type using Our Line

Fashion Style Etiquette Cardigan EmpireHere at mod bod for every new line we always have something for every body type. We try to appeal to women of all different ages, shapes and styles.

Have no idea what body type you have? Have no idea where to start? Then hopefully this post will help start you in the right direction.

One of my favorite blogs is the Cardigan Empire; she really is the queen of style and the most knowledgeable person on how to dress for your body type. She has incredible style and helps women LOVE their body type. Just look at her fabulous badges you can proudly post on your sites. She offers a great guide on how to find your body type if you are not sure how!

All the outfits she puts together are fantastic and using mod bod to add another layer, making sure they are modest and cover enough, is the perfect addition.

We wanted to explain a little about body types and show you pieces from our Spring/Summer line that fit into these categories!

Pear: A-line skirts do a great job of hiding wide thighs. Choose light or bright colored tops and darker bottoms to draw attention to the upper half of your body and slim the lower half. Find and wear tops that are gathered or cinched right under your bust, in the middle and choose a blazer the buttons right below your chest so you draw attention higher not lower.

Perfect mod bod example: A-Line Skirt

Inverted Triangle: For this kind of body it is important to be able to balance your upper body with your lower body. To do this, you must de-emphasize the upper body and draw attention to your hips and legs. Stick to tops of darker color, simple designs and shapes; the best top is a classic V-neck. Work with pants and skirts that are brightly colored, have large prints or that make your bottom half appear wider.

Perfect mod bod example: Paper Sack Skirt in Green

Rectangle: Look for items that are tailored at the waist. The shirt, jacket or dress should nip in at the waist to create the illusion that your figure has the waist. Choose brighter colors at the bust line to break up your figure and make your bust look larger. Many shirts and dresses feature extra color or styling at the top. These can help you to instantly look curvier and less like a rectangle.

Perfect mod bod Example: Brandi Top

Hourglass: Don’t do anything to TAKE AWAY from your figure! Choose tops that define your small waist, don’t break up your curves and really accentuate your figure!

Perfect mod bod Example: Cowel Neck Top

Apple: Buy skirts and pants with flat fronts and avoid pockets, pleats and gathers near the waist. Be sure to emphasize those legs to create the illusion of length rather than width. Look for fabrics that skim your shape. Instead of dressing in clothes that are tight or clingy, buy flowing and tailored clothing and fabrics in simple designs.

Perfect mod bod Example: Pencil Skirt

More On My Ruffle Tank



The Ruffle Tank from my Spring/Summer line is one of my very favorite designs we’ve done at modbod. I wanted to show you a bit more in detail how you can add them into your wardrobe.

As we said in the previous post it is the perfect match with our Pencil Skirt no matter the skirt’s color (khaki, black or brown). If you didn’t want to go sleeveless you could throw on a cardigan (our banded cardigan would be perfect) or even a nice jacket that meshes well with the Pencil Skirt. This look would be perfect for the office. The ruffle tank gives you a bit of femininity to your outfit but certainly keeps you professional and modest.

Another great option would be to use it in a comfy summer outfit to dress it up just a touch. The Ruffle Tank is extremely light, airy and comfortable but with the type of fabric it is made from and the attention to detail it will take your comfy outfit to another level!

7 for All Mankind Bermuda Shorts

Lastly we think the Ruffle Tank would go paired perfectly with a upcoming Fall trend, tweed pants. Tweed pants can come across a bit to masculine if you don’t pair it with the right top and the Ruffle Tank is the perfect example of the right top. You can pull off this style when you match it with a shirt that has some detail and femininity to it!

New Upcoming Fashion–Tweet Pants this pair by Anthropologie

You can buy our Ruffle Tank online at or pick one up at Blend Fashions in Utah!

ModBod at Blend Fashions

Our line is available for purchase online at but if you are in Utah they are also available at Blend Fashions. It is always nice to see the fabric, colors, styles in person so you can get a better feel for the tees!


The cowl neck top is a great summer piece and is perfect with the a-line baroque patterned skirt pictured above. You can also pair the cowl neck with a pair of fabulous denim jeans and layer it with a modbod cami with lace, which makes it even more fun!


My ruffle tanks are another fun item you can find at Blend Fashions. I love the vibrant colors and they are perfect for all seasons. Once again you can pair it with a fabulous pair of denim or my black pencil skirt.



I love these banded cardigans I designed paired with my lace-front camis. The cardigan has a deep v-neck so you can really show off the beautiful lace in the cami.

Be sure to check out these fashions in person at Blend Fashions in Pleasant Grove, Utah. If you are somewhere else in the country be sure to check them out online!

My Pencil skirt

Our pencil skirt was one of my most fufilling designs because the skirt is magic! It looks fantastic on every woman–so flattering, so chic, so…everything! Today I want to show you three different styles of tops to pair it with for three totally different looks.

As you know, 40’s glamour is coming back; I am thrilled because that means pencil skirts AND stunning glamor chiffon tops. Chiffon tops come in an array of colors, patterns and sleeve lengths. If you are worried about them being too sheer, you know what to use! A modbod undershirt, of course! This is a perfect look for family pictures, a more relaxed day atwork (depending on your profession) and will be fabulous at a more casual event too.

Ann Taylor and JCrew are the perfect places to shop for high-quality, work-appropriate dress shirts. Of course you don’t need to always go with white; they have a great selection of colors with more “pop.” But sometimes a clean button-up white top paired with a pencil skirt is just plain sexy but still work appropriate. Once again, if you feel it’s too see-through use a modbod undershirt so you don’t worry!

What would be more perfect for a night out after work than this top? Nothing! A nicer summer top accompanies the pencil skirt perfectly! This sequin top is a Free People top that you can buy at Our pencil skirt is available at Blend Fashions or online at! Be sure to add this essential skirt to your wardrobe this summer!