New modbod attitude – Live True, Be You

In 2012, modbod will begin a new campaign that we hope will enrich the lives of our employees, customers, and friends. I am so excited to announce and share our new campaign here at modbod with all of you. The new campaign is “Live True, Be You.” This is so much more than a motto or even a mission statement – it’s a new attitude. This attitude is something that is very close to my heart and is at the core of what modbod truly believes. For a while now, I have wanted modbod clothing to have a clearer purpose – we have finally found it in “Live True, Be You” and hope to make a bigger difference in each of our lives! We hope that you will join us this year and find happiness and purpose that comes from living true and being you.

So, what does Live True, Be You mean? Great question! No matter who you are, I feel we have at least one common-thread between us: We all have, are, or will go through the phase of asking ourselves, “Who am I supposed to be?”  My hope is that we ask, and find the answer to, a more important question, “Who am I, really?”

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a mother to four beautiful children. They are young, from 9 years old down to 2 years old, and certainly full of a lot of energy. They are always a reminder to me about what is really important in life. I am also a wife to an amazing man who is my partner in everything. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. And I am a businesswoman.

On the outside, it might look like I have it all together, but I have my own insecurities. I have my own challenges that I have overcome and those things that I continue to work on to get to the point where I am today. Everyday I work on my challenges and “Live True, Be You” helps remind me what I could do, and not necessarily what I should do. Like everyone else, I have battled the ups and downs of life, but what helps me through the tough times is knowing who I really am and living true to that person.

So, what does our new attitude “Live True, Be You” have to do with clothing? Everything! The very essence of this attitude is giving women encouragement and confidence to find who they really are. When you get dressed and you look good, you feel good! How we dress is a huge part of who we are. Our clothing can show off personalities, give us confidence, and most importantly, highlight our inner beauty. When we feel good, and aren’t worried about how we look, we are able to get outside of yourself to help others. Whether it’s our children, our spouse, a friend or a stranger, you can give attention where it’s really needed. In modbod, you can dress your True Self and feel confident and comfortable in how you look.

Throughout this year, I hope to inspire you to find your true self. I hope to inspire you to live true to yourself and to share your talents and gifts with those around you. And modbod will be there with you every step of the way. One of the blessings of owning a company that caters to women is that I have a chance to meet many women who inspire me. You inspire me! I want you to share with me and others your story so we can collectively inspire each other.




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The Mod Bod has become a leader in the industry for style and quality. Founded in 2004, the Mod Bod is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality modest apparel and accessories. Based in Springville, Utah the Mod Bod is a direct marketing company that invites women and girls from every walk of life to experience the confidence that comes from wearing high-quality, stylish products. A recent survey by the Mod Bod showed most women prefer Mod Bod clothing over other brands. We take pride that we make some of the highest quality clothing in our industry and that our clothing is manufactured in the United States.