Win a modbod shopping spree!

We’re super excited about our new store opening in American Fork, Utah on Monday, Aug. 22! We’re busy getting merchandise ready – you’re going to love what we have packed in the store! We’ll have camis, cap sleeves, skirts, cardigans, accessories much so more! The modbod is your one stop shop for fashionable layering options!

We need your help to celebrate the Grand Opening. Stop by our American Fork store Aug. 22 – 27 and enter to win a shopping spree worth $200! You can score our new merchandise – for free! One lucky winner will be chosen at random for the shopping spree. All you have to do is stop by our store and enter to win.

For those of you who aren’t local, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! We want everyone to help celebrate our Grand Opening. That’s why we’re also giving a $100 online shopping spree away to those who can’t visit us in person. To be entered into the drawing for the $100 online gift card simply become a fan of modbod on Facebook and tag us in a post your Facebook page. We’ll look at those tags and choose a winner at random. It’s so easy!

It’s definitely time to update your wardrobe! We’ve got you covered at modbod!

It’s time for a modbod sale!

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to stock up on long sleeve crews and scoop necks, now is the  time! You can save 25% on all long sleeve crews and scoop neck shirts at modbod. Simply go to the modbod website, choose your favorite shirts, and that’s it!

Hurry, this sale ends March 15, 2010!

Mod Bod Work Outfit Ideas

For the start of 2011 wouldn’t you love to have a couple of new work outfits?  Let us show you some of our favorite outfits that would work perfect for the office.

#1 A fitted blouse.  This pattern isn’t too out there and can even be toned down with a jacket tucked into the beautiful Belle Skirt. It is modest and professional but shows off a great sense of style even while in the workplace.

#2 Some great basics to have in your wardrobe.  If you work outside the home or not, boots and a great blazer are key items in your closet. You can work these into casual outfits, fun outfits and also professional outfits. We love the idea of putting the Kali Cowel Neck Top in plum underneath the blazer. It gives it more of a professional and pulled together look and adds a pop of color.

#3 Tweed.  It’s a great trend for winter AND spring. A great tweed jacket can be paired perfectly with our ever popular Pencil Skirt, which really is a must-have piece for your work outfits.

Coat Fashion Trend

Coats are actually fun to buy now!  There are bright coats, coats with great patterns and coats with different types of fabrics! You can have an outfit that really shines because of the coat or jacket you have picked out. Another great thing is that these fun coats can be less expensive so you can pick up three or four to use instead of just one.

We love how much personality coats have and how you can find one that is really just *YOU.*  It does make for the perfect outfit!

At our Mod Bod Store in University Mall we have brought in some of our favorite coats from other vendors to pair with our Mod Bod tops underneath. Seriously, a perfect outfit is a fabulous coat, a Mod Bod basic to make it pop and some great jeans. And you are set!

Here are some great questions to ask yourself to find the PERFECT coat:

  • Does the coat match your shape and proportions?
  • Are the sleeves the correct length – falling just below the wrist?
  • Is the coat the right length to suit your height, body shape and lifestyle?
  • Does the coat feel comfortable when stretching out your arms or does it pull tight?
  • Do the collar, pockets, vents and lapels lie flat and even?
  • If the coat is lined, check for a GOOD  lining.
  • Does the coat feel comfortable and not inhibiting? (Walk around in it for a few minutes, button it up and sit down)
  • Does the coat allow for enough movement to match how your day goes?
  • Holiday Looks with Cardigans

    We are back today with more holiday outfits.  Today we wanted to show you our ideas revolving around cardigans!

    Isn’t this a beautiful cardigan? We gave it two completely different looks.  In the picture on the left, we put a Kalli Cowel Neck Top underneath it. It makes for a great layered look and something new!  In the picture on the right we paired it with our Tulip Skirt in Indigo (See! Another skirt in a great holiday color!) and just a simple Mod Bod Basic underneath the cardigan.

    This is a COMPLETELY different look with the Tulip Skirt (this time in black) that you could use all year long. We love pairing a patterned skirt with a flowy ruffle cardigan. Neither of these tops can be bought online, but you CAN buy them in our store at University Mall.

    Hopefully this has given you some more ideas for holiday outfits this year!

    Two Holiday Outfit Ideas

    Lots of our customers are surprised to learn that our skirts come in many different colors!  For example, this Belle Skirt pictured above comes in that beautiful RED!  (By the way, it is still on sale today *hint hint* TODAY! ;))  We paired it with the Anna Ruffle Neck top in black.  Doesn’t that look so classy? And it helps tone down the red a bit with the beautiful black. Put a long knit open cardigan over it and add some killer boots. PERFECT holiday outfit!

    This plum is a great color for holiday outfits.  You don’t always have to do green or red or black! Throw in some color! That is our Perfect V Neck top in Chocolate Raspberry. Isn’t that the best name for a color ever? Pair it with our Khaki Pencil Skirt that you can wear all year round and a faux fur black vest. Such a fun holiday outfit!

    We will be back tomorrow with even more outfit ideas.  Stay tuned!

    ’50’s Fashion with Our Marie & Belle Skirt

    Quite a few designers showcased a calf hitting skirt on all the fashion runways for winter.  They made the outfit have a ’50’s flair.

    Of course, for real life fashion you tone down the style just a bit AND you don’t pay thousands of dollars for the pieces on the models.

    So let us show you how to make this trend work with two of our Mod Bod Skirts, the Marie Skirt and the Belle Skirt.

    The Belle Skirt (picture above) actually comes in royal blue and red as well.  These are really fun colors to play around with.

    This skirt comes in black as well.
    Both of these skirts can be perfect for this trend because of how they have flow to them, hit lower on the leg and are great at defining the waist.
    Pair the skirt with some adorable low heels or flats with a bow to capture the essence of the ’50’s look.
    Throw on a cable knit sweater that fits closer to the body and hits right at the waist and do your hair in a 5o’s style- either pulled back in a tighter ponytail, a side bun or soft curls around the face.

    Skirt Season

    The holidays are here. Well, they’re almost here but we bet you are already thinking of what you want to wear! Or you’re thinking of presents you want to buy sisters, mothers, teenage daughters, etc.

    What about a fabulous skirt?

    You can have so much fun with these skirts during the winter. Pair them with great boots, textured leggings, blazers and feminine soft tops. You can take the SAME SKIRT and make a fabulous look for a 60 year old woman, 40 year old woman and 20 year old woman. Really, you can!  And it is so much fun to see!

    Fall & Winter Looks from Our Favorite Bloggers: Part Two

    Earlier in the week we showed off what two of four bloggers did with our line last year to create fabulous fall & winter outfits. Today we wanted to show off the last two!

    #1 Reachel from Cardigan Empire

    • Another fabulous look with our Pencil Skirt.  Don’t you love the blouse she paired it with and the textured tights? She actually wore this as her “Thanksgiving Outfit” last year. We think it would be perfect for many, many other occasions as well.

    • Don’t you love this “Cranberry” inspired look using our Belle Skirt? Just adorable.

    #2 Lindsey from The R House

    • Lindsey brought up a point when reviewing our 3/4 Length Tee that had not occurred to us!  This shirt length is perfect for moms because, at the end of the day, you don’t have grime from kids all around the bottom of your sleeves near your arms!

    • The Katie Jean skirt is a great basic that you can use to create completely different looks.  It looks great with the Banded Cardigan and plum color underneath!
    • And we have just loved the Victoria Pleated Skirt on all the bloggers.  It’s so stunning on all of them.  This is a must have.

    Fall & Winter Looks from Our Favorite Bloggers: Part One

    Last year around this time we had four bloggers take different pieces from our line and create their OWN looks. We wanted to revisit these looks because they are just perfect for fall & winter!

    #1 Melissa Esplin from ISLY

    • Lastly, Melissa showed off the Banded Cardigan and made the most adorable outfit with it that we have seen to date.

    #2 Alison from Petit Elefant

    • Doesn’t she make our pencil skirt look GLAMOROUS? We just love it with our Anna Ruffle Neck Top and fabulous belt. This is such a perfect, perfect outfit on anyone.

    • She reviewed our Belle Skirt in *RED.*  Oh, and boy, is it beautiful on her! Would this not be a super fun look for family pictures?