Two of my all time favorite books

I love reading self-help books, how about you? They are a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine although they really are quite helpful. Here are a couple of my favorites I really do use as guides in my life and business.

Bonds That Make Us Free by Dr. Terry Warner is a superb book for any age. It helps you learn how to strengthen your marriage; teaches teens how they can have healthy and lasting friendships; and shows how you can have successful business relationships. It’s also great as a parenting guide. The basic premise of the book is that WE are usually the source of any problem we’re having with people because we choose to take offense or hold a grudge. Warner postulates when we betray our inner sense of right and wrong, our compass gets mixed up; sometimes we think we’re doing “good” things when really we’re doing them for the wrong reasons and worsening the situation by doing so (i.e. self-righteousness and perfectionism). This is a life-changing book so be sure to pick up this one!

You can even read a fantastic and quite lengthy excerpt from the book here.

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is another superb book that will change the way you think and help you live your life for the better. The purpose of this book is to weigh the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the power of the mind’s ability to unconsciously leap to conclusions based on what is seen in the proverbial “blink of an eye.” He uses scenes from a marriage, heart attack triage, speed dating, choking on the golf course, selling cars, and military maneuvers and persuades readers to think small and focus on the meaning of “thin slices” of behavior. He says, “The key is to rely on our ‘adaptive unconscious’–a 24/7 mental valet–that provides us with instant and sophisticated information to warn of danger, read a stranger, or react to a new idea.”

What self-help genre books do you swear by?