How do you wear a cardigan?

Who doesn’t love a great cardigan? A cardigan can be worn with just about anything – a skirt, jeans or even over a dress. We love the simplicity and ease of a cardigan, especially the tabbed cardigan.

A relatively slim-fitting cardigan (not skin tight, but not baggy) offers a beautifully flattering fit. How to wear a cardigan gets a little tricky, right? We’ve got some fantastic styling ideas to help you wear a cardigan – any time of the year.

  1. Layer. Wear a cardigan under a jacket (yes, a jacket), t-shirt or as a stand-alone outer layer.
  2. Pull up the sleeves. Change up the look a bit by pushing up the sleeves at varying lengths. Go to the elbow or just slightly above the wrist.
  3. Button as few buttons as possible. This will create a wonderful contrast between your undershirt and the sweater.
  4. Go with neural colors. This will make it much easier to pair up.

The tabbed cardigan at modbod can be styled anyway that fits your fashion sense. What we really love about this sweater though is that it’s great for women of all ages. This is the perfect (and we do mean perfect) cardigan for teens and pre-teens to wear to school. We love this cardi with jeans and flats, with a backpack thrown over the shoulder.

And right now, the tabbed cardigan at modbod is on sale for only $19.95. Head to your closest modbod store or shop online.

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  1. I often tell my clients that when they wear a cardigan or jacket open with a contrasting color underneath it is so slimming! This was one of the points from the video featuring the modbod striped cardi for 3 benefits to wearing a cardigan.


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