Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

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  1. Emily

     /  December 5, 2011

    I was happily surprised to find Mod Bod clothing in my local Costco (St. Peters, MO)! I just happened upon it and was excited to try the perfect cap sleeve shirts. I love them! The reason I wanted to comment is because when we were at the store, we were browsing around the display and I couldn’t find my size. My husband was helping me and I ended up just getting a size bigger (which ended up fitting great anyway). But, as we were walking away he said, “why was that person just standing there?” I replied, “Probably just waiting for another family member…” and he said, “No!, They were wearing a nametag…I think it was a rep.” All this to say, if it was indeed a rep for your company, they were not doing anything helpful or productive. They didn’t once look at us or ask us if we had any questions or needed anything.

    • Thank you for the comment! So happy you like the shirts and we’ll definitely look into the rep issue. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Leila Hage Garcia

     /  December 5, 2011

    Same thing at San Dimas Costco, ur Rep was just standing their ignoring people and I’m a fan so I just got what I needed and didn’t really worry about it but if I were a first time buyer that would have turned me off :/

  3. Carol Palsha

     /  December 6, 2011

    I have been waiting and waiting for Modbod to come to the Danville Costco store. Whenever they are there I buy at least four different shirts. When will Modbod be in Danville, CA again? Before Christmas? I hope!! Also, the rep that was at the Danville, CA Costco was very nice and helpful. I also asked her how I could become a rep because I really love Modbod (that’s practically all I wear) and would love to represent your line at one of the nearest Costco’s. The Danville Coscto would be ideal!!! I would be a great advertisement! My email is Please let me know! Thanks, Carol Palsha

    • Janice

       /  December 27, 2011

      The Rep in Santa Rosa Costco was also very helpful! I too, would like to know how to become a rep for ModBod! Wish you’d come to Costco more than twice a year!

      I love the product, the wash and wear well and last for a very long time! I just bought my 84 yr old Mom two long sleeve shirts with the high neck and two cami’s. I wore a shirt the same day I gave them to her so she could see the sleeve length and neckline. I think she will like them, and the warmth they provide!


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