Fighting Cancer

“Teri Burt is my mother-in-law.  In August of 2003, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was pretty far advanced, and there were concerns that the chemo and radiation might not work, and if they did work, it seemed unlikely that the cancer would stay away.  Ever an example of a positive attitude and unconquerable spirit, Teri beat the odds and has been cancer free for 8 years.

What is truly amazing about Teri is that breast cancer is but one serious health problem she has faced over the course of her life.  I probably don’t even know half of what she’s currently battling, and part of that is because she doesn’t let her ailments define her.  She is always so upbeat and strong, and is just downright amazing.

The picture I chose to include of her was from our family camp out in August.  The reason I chose it was because it really typifies her attitude.  You can see her hauling her tent to the car with a smile on her face, despite the inconvenience of a walking cast and the significant pain her heel was in.  She’s never one to just sit and let life pass her by.  She’s always out living and smiling and taking her challenges in stride.”

Nominated by Ruth Burt

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