Cancer Survivor Stories

We’re so inspired by the cancer survivor stories you are sharing with us.

Kristi Newitt shares her mother-in-law’s cancer story…

Sandra Newitt is 10 years cancer free! She had a very, very rare cancer and had a very small chance of living. She found out she had cancer and was in doing treatments the very next morning. She lost all her hair and was still going to work while doing these horrific treatments. She had to even carry around a pack and do on going treatments. Her son had just left on his LDS mission and it was a very hard time for the family. She is doing great now.

Thanks for sharing, Kristi! You are an inspiration, Sandra!

Amanda Smith shares her mother’s story…Carolyn, we’re happy you’re doing better!

In March of 2009, my mother had just been told her thyroid cancer from several years before was completely gone, and her doctor told her to start going for her yearly mammograms. She went in for the first time ever, and they found a “suspicious mass.” After a biopsy, they diagnosed her with stage 2 breast cancer. She had two surgeries to remove the lump, and since it had spread to the lymph nodes, they told her she had to do the full chemo and radiation treatments.

During the eight months she was going through treatment, she didn’t complain. She tried to stay upbeat, and didn’t want anyone to worry about her. She even had a “hair-shaving party” where my little sister and I shaved her head. She was such an inspiration to us. While mom was sick, my sister had her hair cut at a “locks of love” assembly at her high school, and my mom got out of bed and drove to the school to watch. At one point (I was living at home at the time), I had two foot surgeries, and she was constantly checking on me and getting me anything I needed, even though she was sick and suffering herself. And when I became engaged, she tried her best to help me plan the wedding, taking me shopping for the dress, the flowers, and the decorations, and contacting a neighbor about catering, even though I’m sure she probably would rather have stayed in bed.

After she recovered, one of the little neighbor boys was diagnosed with bone cancer, and she helped make a blanket for him. She also went over and talked to him because he was having a hard time with losing his hair.

My mother is an amazing woman. She’s always taking care of everyone else, even when she goes through huge struggles, and I think she deserves this makeover!

This picture is at my wedding, four days after her last radiation treatment. She’s wearing a wig that she bought just for that event.

To nominate a cancer survivor – or fighter – for a modbod makeover, please send entries to

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