How do you wear modbod?

At modbod, we believe that fashion and comfort go hand in hand. We love creating beautiful clothing that women all over the country enjoy wearing. In fact, we love when women share their modbod fashion with us! Take a look at some of the lovely photos that have been shared with us recently.

Leila Garcia shows us a casual look by pairing the perfect cap sleeve with a pair of jeans while spending some time with her dog Zeus.

Miriam Carr looks great at 36 weeks pregnant wearing modbod. The best part? After her new baby is born, Miriam can wear that same cap sleeve since it will snap right back into shape!

And Ellen Irick demonstrates the layered look with a cami under a cardigan for a picture with her husband.

How do you wear modbod? Show us your style by sending an email to

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  1. Brittney

     /  January 11, 2012

    Have you ever thought of coming out with a pregnancy line? I know it’s really hard to find really cute shirts that are flattering. I think that ModBod could come out with awesome, modest dresses and would be a big hit; dresses that make you feel goregous but also keep you covered.. Please e-mail me..

    • Brittney, We have many expectant mothers that tell us our shirts work really well all through pregnancy. With the spandex we include, the shirts stretch to fit your growing belly and then they bounce right back into shape after the baby is born.


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