How to Wear the Latest Spring Fashions

Warmer temperatures, longer days, and cute new fashions can only mean one thing = spring time is officially here! It’s time to put those bulky coats and wool sweaters into hibernation until next winter and sport the latest fashion trends fresh off the runway.

One of the hottest trends this season is sheer. We’re seeing sheer blouses, sheer skirts, and sheer jackets.

Not quite up to showing that much skin? No worries, modbod has got you covered…literally.

To wear this hot trend, simply layer your favorite modbod camis or cap sleeves under this seasons beautiful sheer tops. You’ll look stylish, while still being appropriate for school or the office.

Bright, bold colors is another really hot trend this spring. The modbod’s new spring line is perfect for this fashion trend! Check out a couple of our favorite new colors.

And speaking of color, we are absolutely in love with all things purple this season. All of Hollywood’s hottest celebs are showing up to red carpet events wearing various shades of purple. Fortunately, modbod has got the most flattering and versatile purple top that is to die for!

You’ve got to try this top…buy it now. You won’t regret owning this beauty! Works great with jeans and flip flops or with heels and a pencil skirt for the office.

What do you think of these spring trends?

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  1. I actually just have a few suggestions that might somewhat help your business. And this is totally from a consumers point of view.

    1) I have faithfully traveled to the nearest Costco as you travel around for your product. I started out buying your Cami’s which I LOVE!! The last few times I traveled specially to Costco to purchase more Cami’s and the rep informed me you do not sell them in the Fall and Winter months. You DO however, carry the tank tops. This makes no sense to me. I would think as a clothing company you would realize that Cami’s are worn YEAR ROUND for layering. I have been VERY disappointed because I have been forced to go elsewhere for my Cami’s…..and I don’t like them NEAR as much as yours.

    2) I have also purchased you long sleeve t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve t-shirts. I would REALLY like to see the long sleeves have sleeves that are a little longer than the ones you sell. They are about 2″ too short, so I probably won’t purchase any more of these unless you can offer a long length. Also, the 2-packs that you sell….the color choices are not the best. If you could just mix up the colors in the packages so people have more choices. For example: I wanted 2 basic colors and every basic color had a bright pink or navy blue or teal that was mixed with 1 basic color. Maybe there is someone who would also like 2 of the bright colors. In any case, at one point the rep in the store traded colors out for me. My last visit had no rep available so I traded the ones out myself that I wanted. I hope that was ok. I think just a simple mixing up of the colors in the 2-packs would be a great idea!

    Thank-you for listening and hopefully taking these issues to heart.

    Gayle Weed,
    15441-170th Ave. S.E.
    Monroe, Wash. 98272

    • Thanks for the suggestions, Gayle. Just so you know, the reason we don’t sell camis at Costco is because of an agreement with Costco. We’d love to sell them there, but Costco unfortunately will not let us. As always, you can purchase camis online.


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