Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

We’re heading out for more Costco Roadshows this week. Check out the list below to see if we’ll be in your town!

Spring Basic                        Murray, UT                                         4/8

Spring Basic                        Sparks, NV                                          4/8

Spring Basic                        Federal Way, WA                             4/8

Spring Basic                        Spokane, WA                                     4/8

Spring Basic                        Billings, MT                                         4/8

Spring Basic                        Bend, OR                                             4/8

Spring Basic                        Gig Harbor, WA                                 4/8

Spring Basic                        Union Gap, WA                                 4/8

Spring Basic                        Bridgewater, NJ                                4/14

Spring Basic                        Newwark, DE                                     4/14

Spring Basic                        Westbury, NJ                                     4/14

Spring Basic                        Phoenix, AZ                                        4/15

Spring Basic                        Chula Vista, CA                                  4/15

Spring Basic                        Duluth, GA                                          4/15

Spring Basic                        Cordova, TN                                       4/15

Spring Basic                        East Wenatchee, WA                     4/15

Spring Basic                        Pocatello, ID                                       4/15

Spring Basic                        Roseville, CA                                      4/15

Spring Basic                        Eureka, CA                                          4/15

Spring Basic                        Torrance, CA                                      4/15

Spring Basic                        San Bernadino, CA                           4/15

Spring Basic                        Bakersfield, CA                                 4/15

To see the full schedule, check out the Roadshow schedule on the modbod website.

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