Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

Here’s where we’ll be April 1 – 8. Check out the list and see if we’ll be at a Costco near you!

Basic                      Woodinville, WA                              4/1

Basic                      San Diego, CA                                    4/1

Basic                      Phoenix, AZ                                        4/1

Basic                      Temecula, CA                                    4/1

Basic                      San Francisco, CA                             4/1

Basic                      Concord, CA                                       4/1

Basic                      San Luis Obispo, CA                         4/1

Basic                      Milford, CT                                          4/7

Basic                      Nesconset, NV                                  4/7

Basic                      Murray, UT                                         4/8

Basic                      Sparks, NV                                          4/8

Basic                      Federal Way, WA                             4/8

Basic                      Spokane, WA                                     4/8

Basic                      Billings, MT                                         4/8

Basic                      Bend, OR                                             4/8

Basic                      Gig Harbor, WA                                 4/8

Basic                      Union Gap, WA                                 4/8

Check back every Friday to see if we’ll be in your local Costco. Remember, you can always get our Basic line online at



















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