Costco dates for modbod: posted every Friday

We’ve got a fresh Costco Roadshow schedule ready. Check out where we’ll be this week.

Spring Basics                      Rochelle, NY                                       4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Montgomery, AL                              4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Niles, IL                                                4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      West Springfield, MA                     4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Springfield, VA                                  4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Everett, WA                                       4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Helena, MT                                         4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Sequim, WA                                       4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Warrenton, OR                                 4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Kirkland, WA                                      4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Aloha, OR                                            4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Canoga Park, CA                               4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      San Marcos, CA                                 4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Gilbert, AZ                                          4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Santa Cruz, CA                                   4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      San Jose, CA                                       4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      San Leandro, CA                               4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Burbank, CA                                       4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Laguna Niguel, CA                            4/29 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Clackamas, OR                                   5/2 – 5/8

Spring Basics                      Eugene, OR                                        5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Tumwater, WA                                 5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Salem, OR                                           5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Clarkston, WA                                    5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Seattle, WA                                         5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Twin Falls, ID                                      5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      West Valley, UT                                 5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Albany, OR                                          5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Hillsboro, OR                                      5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Nampa, ID                                           5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Vancouver, WA                                5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      San Jose, CA                                       5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Fremont, CA                                      5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Visalia, CA                                           5/6 – 5/15

Spring Basics                      Hawthorne, CA                                 5/6 – 5/15

To see the full Roadshow schedule, go to the modbod website.

Introducing: The new modbod website

We just launched an all-new, beautiful modbod website. To celebrate the new website going live, we’re offering FREE shipping on all orders placed by May 6th! That’s right, all orders will receive free shipping!

This is the perfect time to grab a Mother’s Day gift, update your spring wardrobe, or stock up on those basic pieces you’ve been meaning to get. Plus, the new website will provide you with a better shopping experience, easier options, and gorgeous styling choices.

Check out now to see the changes.

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Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

We’re on the road again with our Costco roadshows! Check the cities and dates below to see if we’ll be in your area this next week.

Basic Spring                        Albuquerque, NM                           4/22

Basic Spring                        Sacramento, CA                               4/22

Basic Spring                        Chico, CA                                            4/22

Basic Spring                        Portland, OR                                      4/22

Basic Spring                        Azusa, CA                                            4/22

Basic Spring                        Grand Rapids, MI                             4/22

Basic Spring                        Spokane, WA                                      4/25

Basic Spring                        Kirkland, WA                                      4/29

Basic Spring                        Aloha, OR                                             4/29

Basic Spring                        Anchorage, AL                                   4/29

Basic Spring                        San Marcos, CA                                  4/29

Basic Spring                        Gilbert, AZ                                           4/29

Basic Spring                        West Springfield, MA                       4/29

Basic Spring                        Springfield, VA                                   4/29

Basic Spring                        Niles, IL                                                 4/29

Basic Spring                        Canoga Park, CA                                4/29

Basic Spring                        Hawthorne, CA                                  4/29

Basic Spring                        Burbank, CA                                       4/29

Basic Spring                        Laguna Niguel, CA                            4/29

Basic Spring                        Santa Cruz, CA                                   4/29

Basic Spring                        San Jose, CA                                       4/29

Basic Spring                        San Leandro, CA                               4/29

Basic Spring                        Everett, WA                                       4/29

Basic Spring                        Helena, MT                                         4/29

Basic Spring                        Sequim, WA                                       4/29

Basic Spring                        Warrenton, OR                                 4/29

Basic Spring                        Wilmington, NC                                 4/29

Basic Spring                        New Rochelle, NY                            4/29

Basic Spring                        Montgomery, AL                              4/29

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Update your look with bright colors

When spring time rolls around, most of us go into spring cleaning mode. We start to clean those back closets and the nooks and crannies that seem to get ignored all winter long. When it comes to our wardrobes, it’s a good idea to do a little spring cleaning as well!

This year, spring time welcomes some fabulous new colors  – all bright and beautiful for this new season. If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to update  your look, try adding a pop of color to your everyday favorites.

For a really simple touch of color, try a new clutch or bag. You can get colors you’d normally shy away from and try something a little different.

At modbod, we love to add colors with our layering pieces! Try one of our spring colors in a cami or cap sleeve under your favorite cardigan or with your worn-in jeans. You’ll be surprised at how quickly an old favorite can be revived with just the right amount of color.

Accessories are another great way to really brighten up your wardrobe. Try some orange toned sunglasses, a chucky necklace with colored beads, or even a fabulous pair of wedge sandals. A little bit of accessorizing will go a long way!

What do you think? Will you be adding bright colors to your spring wardrobe?

Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

Check out the list below to see if we’ll be at your local Costco this week. To see a full list, visit our Roadshow Schedule.

Basic Spring       East Wentachee, WA                       4/15

Basic Spring       Pocatello, ID                                       4/15

Basic Spring        Duluth, GA                                          4/15

Basic Spring        Corodova, TN                                    4/15

Basic Spring        Phoenix, AZ                                        4/15

Basic Spring        Chula Vista, CA                                  4/15

Basic Spring        Roseville, CA                                      4/15

Basic Spring        Eureka, CA                                          4/15

Basic Spring        Torrance, CA                                      4/15

Basic Spring        San Bernadino, CA                           4/15

Basic Spring        Grand Rapids, MI                             4/22

Basic Spring        Roseville, MI                                      4/22

Basic Spring        Sacramento, CA                                 4/22

Basic Spring        Chico, CA                                             4/22

Basic Spring        Azusa, CA                                            4/22

Basic Spring        Albuquerque, NM                           4/22

Basic Spring        Spokane, WA                                     4/22

Basic Spring        Portland, OR                                      4/22

Introducing Swim

We’re excited to introduce our new 2011 swim collection! You’re going to love the fresh styles, modern prints, and totally flattering swim suits. Take a look at a couple of our favorites.

Sunkissed Tankini: We love this suit for it’s fun style and beautiful print. This tankini offers plenty of coverage, while hiding trouble tummy spots.

Riviera Breeze: If a one piece is more your style, then the Riviera Breeze is your new swim suit! If you’ve got great legs, this suit is just perfect for you as it’s made to really show off great gams.

Ocean Breeze: This tankini is definitely one of our favorites. With the unique tie at the neck and ties on the bottom, you’ll look totally on trend, while soaking up the sun rays! This suit really accentuates great shoulders and a toned back, while offering plenty of coverage for those spots you want to hide (like the tummy).

To see the full modbod 2011 swim collection, be sure to visit our website at

How to Wear the Latest Spring Fashions

Warmer temperatures, longer days, and cute new fashions can only mean one thing = spring time is officially here! It’s time to put those bulky coats and wool sweaters into hibernation until next winter and sport the latest fashion trends fresh off the runway.

One of the hottest trends this season is sheer. We’re seeing sheer blouses, sheer skirts, and sheer jackets.

Not quite up to showing that much skin? No worries, modbod has got you covered…literally.

To wear this hot trend, simply layer your favorite modbod camis or cap sleeves under this seasons beautiful sheer tops. You’ll look stylish, while still being appropriate for school or the office.

Bright, bold colors is another really hot trend this spring. The modbod’s new spring line is perfect for this fashion trend! Check out a couple of our favorite new colors.

And speaking of color, we are absolutely in love with all things purple this season. All of Hollywood’s hottest celebs are showing up to red carpet events wearing various shades of purple. Fortunately, modbod has got the most flattering and versatile purple top that is to die for!

You’ve got to try this top…buy it now. You won’t regret owning this beauty! Works great with jeans and flip flops or with heels and a pencil skirt for the office.

What do you think of these spring trends?

Spring has sprung at modbod!

With the new season comes some adorable new clothing staples! Freshen up your wardrobe with our JUST ARRIVED Spring collection!

Check out some of our favorites.











We’re head over heels for this adorable cardigan! Looks great on date night, out to lunch with girl friends, or just lounging around the house.










This sleeveless wrap with a tie will become one of your seasonal favorites! This top looks fabulous with jeans (as worn by our model Michelle), paired with a skirt for the office, or worn over a cap sleeve.










The cowl neck top in purple is a lovely addition to this season’s fashion line. You can easily dress this top up with a pair of heels or dress it down with some fun flip flops.

See our full spring fashion line at our website, Happy shopping!

Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

We’re heading out for more Costco Roadshows this week. Check out the list below to see if we’ll be in your town!

Spring Basic                        Murray, UT                                         4/8

Spring Basic                        Sparks, NV                                          4/8

Spring Basic                        Federal Way, WA                             4/8

Spring Basic                        Spokane, WA                                     4/8

Spring Basic                        Billings, MT                                         4/8

Spring Basic                        Bend, OR                                             4/8

Spring Basic                        Gig Harbor, WA                                 4/8

Spring Basic                        Union Gap, WA                                 4/8

Spring Basic                        Bridgewater, NJ                                4/14

Spring Basic                        Newwark, DE                                     4/14

Spring Basic                        Westbury, NJ                                     4/14

Spring Basic                        Phoenix, AZ                                        4/15

Spring Basic                        Chula Vista, CA                                  4/15

Spring Basic                        Duluth, GA                                          4/15

Spring Basic                        Cordova, TN                                       4/15

Spring Basic                        East Wenatchee, WA                     4/15

Spring Basic                        Pocatello, ID                                       4/15

Spring Basic                        Roseville, CA                                      4/15

Spring Basic                        Eureka, CA                                          4/15

Spring Basic                        Torrance, CA                                      4/15

Spring Basic                        San Bernadino, CA                           4/15

Spring Basic                        Bakersfield, CA                                 4/15

To see the full schedule, check out the Roadshow schedule on the modbod website.

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Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

Here’s where we’ll be April 1 – 8. Check out the list and see if we’ll be at a Costco near you!

Basic                      Woodinville, WA                              4/1

Basic                      San Diego, CA                                    4/1

Basic                      Phoenix, AZ                                        4/1

Basic                      Temecula, CA                                    4/1

Basic                      San Francisco, CA                             4/1

Basic                      Concord, CA                                       4/1

Basic                      San Luis Obispo, CA                         4/1

Basic                      Milford, CT                                          4/7

Basic                      Nesconset, NV                                  4/7

Basic                      Murray, UT                                         4/8

Basic                      Sparks, NV                                          4/8

Basic                      Federal Way, WA                             4/8

Basic                      Spokane, WA                                     4/8

Basic                      Billings, MT                                         4/8

Basic                      Bend, OR                                             4/8

Basic                      Gig Harbor, WA                                 4/8

Basic                      Union Gap, WA                                 4/8

Check back every Friday to see if we’ll be in your local Costco. Remember, you can always get our Basic line online at