Costco dates for modbod (posted every Friday)

Here is the official Costco schedule for our basic line. If you don’t see your city on the list, hopefully we will be coming to you sometime soon! Check back every Friday to see where we’ll be.

Basic Line     Gilroy, CA                                 3/11

Basic Line     Roseburg, OR                          3/11

Basic Line     Albany, NY                               3/11

Basic Line    Vancouver, WA                       3/11

Basic Line    South San Francisco, CA      3/11

Basic Line    Tukwila, WA                              3/11

Basic Line     Cour d’ Alene, ID                    3/11

Basic Line      Tigard, OR                                 3/11

Basic Line      Fredrick, MD                           3/11

Basic Line      Hanover, MD                           3/14

Basic Line      Everett, MA                             3/16

Basic Line     Hanover, MD                           3/17

Basic Line     Brandywine, MD                     3/17

Basic Line     Livermore, CA                        3/18

Basic Line     Orem, UT                                   3/18

Basic Line     Ogden, UT                                 3/18

Basic Line     Bozeman, MT                           3/18

Basic Line     Merced, CA                               3/18

Basic Line     Rancho Cucamonga, CA       3/18

Basic Line     Albuquerque, NM                  3/18

Basic Line     Tucson, AZ                                3/18

Basic Line     Santa Clara, CA                        3/18

Basic Line     Burlington, WA                        3/18

Basic Line     Norwalk, CA                              3/18

Basic Line     Salem, OR                                   3/18

Basic Line     Salt Lake City, UT                    3/18

Basic Line     Fontana, CA                              3/18

Basic Line     Moreno Valley, CA                 3/18

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