Using Mod Bod for the Nautical Spring Fashion Trend

We have touched a bit on the 2011 spring trends. We have mentioned more of the Military Inspired look and 70’s Inspired look Another one that will be in is the Nautical look. Today we wanted to start off a series of posts to show you how mod bod can help tie each look together in a really great way.

Today we are doing Nautical! This trend comes and goes throughout the years…it is always a safe look to have in your closet and wear anytime but there are certain years and seasons when it is a bigger trend. Here are some key items to have in your wardrobe that can be used for this look or something completely different on another day.

#1 Striped Shirts that FIT right. You have to be careful with stripes by having the shirt fit the right way or pairing it with the right kind of jacket or cardigan.

#2 White Pants or Denim: Last year we had some killer white denim that got picked up so fast and was perfect for this Nautical look. We can’t wait to show you what we have for THIS year!

Some people don’t look so great in the striped shirts, so BREAKING up the stripes can help solve this problem like Christina did in the above picture. Christina looks fabulous in her nautical look because it’s not so “by the book.” She put the stripes in her light weight cardigan and layered a tank under it.Our Perfect Tank would be the ideal choice to pull that look together. And it comes in white, which is one of the essential colors for the Nautical theme!

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