3 New Outfit Ideas. Part 1

This week we have SIX new outfit ideas for you that use Mod Bod pieces, so let us jump right in and show them off to you!

Outfit #1: We have a great black knit cardigan from another vendor (but you can buy it in our Mod Bod store at University Mall). This is a cardigan that you know will last you for years and be in style for a long time. We paired it with two of our shirts. If you look closely, you can see that is our LACEY Front Cami (we love adding in a bit of femininity to dark colors and the lace does that) and our Perfect V Neck which has that low-scooped neckline. With our Belle Skirt in Royal Blue, doesn’t it POP? And of course you have to wear a pair of perfect boots along with it.

Outfit #2: These see through lace tops are becoming such a big trend. They are fun to layer. You can pick up one made by another vendor in our Mod Bod store at University Mall. But don’t you dare wear this without the right coverage underneath!! In this outfit we have just put a Perfect Cami underneath. That way it will still be cool enough for spring and you can have some skin showing underneath the lace. Pairing it with the Marie Skirt in black makes it look appropriate enough for work, church, meetings, etc.

Outfit #3: We used that knit cardigan in this outfit again as well! We just love the Jace Turtleneck in this beautiful color. We think it really just makes the whole outfit. We have it with the Victoria Skirt with Pleats. We are pretty sure every woman out there should have this in her wardrobe.

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