Style Tips for our Demi Caps and Demi Camis

Did you catch the video on Monday talking about the Demi Caps and Demi Camis? If not, scroll down and watch it! We (once again) wanted to start off with the disclaimer that the Demi Caps and Demi Camis are NOT available online yet but we are going to let you know as soon as they are.  But if you live in Utah you can get the Demi Caps and Demi Camis in red, white and black at our store in the University Mall.

Now on to these great new shirts and all the ways you can use them!

#1 Petit or Shorter Torsoed Women: Regular layering shirts might be way too long for you but you still want to have more coverage up on top or put together a fun layered look. These will be PERFECT for you.

#2 Pregnancy or Nursing: One of the cute employees in our store is pregnant, and when we first made these she was hooked after day one with them.  She tells every single other pregnant customer who walks through the door. She loves them because they don’t give her weird layering lines, are so much more comfortable and keep her cooler while getting through those last overheated months of pregnancy. She also can layer them under the very popular maxi dress for maternity wear or just to complete a layered look. These also work great for nursing.

#3 Exercise: The dancers that have come into the store looking for new workout gear were so excited to see these Demi Caps and Demi Camis. They give them a bit more movement. People just looking for yoga gear or gym gear have been picking them up as well.

#4 Summer Months: There might be tops or dresses that you want to wear during the summer months that aren’t modest enough on top but you don’t want to deal with having a WHOLE shirt underneath during the summer months. Now we have created a product that completely solves this problem.

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