New Ways to Wear the Classic Pencil Skirt

We always say it here on the Mod Bod fashion blog, but we mean it. Our pencil skirt it a MUST HAVE item for every closet. It is good with every body type, you can make it work for any situation, it is a timeless classic piece and is for any and every single age out there.

BUT we did want to give you fresh, new ways to use your pencil skirt. It is fun to create completely different looks with the same piece.

#1 Summer Shirt: Yes it is still winter and you might not think of wearing a “summer” inspired shirt to the office, although it makes for a really great look. A button down eyelet shirt, white/cream tunic or a white top with lace are the perfect examples.

#2 Military Inspired: Our Mod Bod Pencil Skirt is available in black and brown which would work perfectly for the strong “military” trend this season.  Pair it with other earth tones (like gray), a strong blazer or a military jacket to pull off the look. Don’t forget to wear some feminine pumps so you don’t make the look too masculine.

#3 Skirt plus belted cardi over an untucked V-neck: This is cute and semi-casual but polished enough for the office. I like how the neutral-colored blush cardigan contrasts ever so slightly with the plain white tee—it’s a combination I wouldn’t have thought of but works really well.

Looking for an outfit to try out the ankle boot trend? We LOVE it with the pencil skirt. It is a safe way to go to try the new shoe style out!
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