Mod Bod Work Outfit Ideas

For the start of 2011 wouldn’t you love to have a couple of new work outfits?  Let us show you some of our favorite outfits that would work perfect for the office.

#1 A fitted blouse.  This pattern isn’t too out there and can even be toned down with a jacket tucked into the beautiful Belle Skirt. It is modest and professional but shows off a great sense of style even while in the workplace.

#2 Some great basics to have in your wardrobe.  If you work outside the home or not, boots and a great blazer are key items in your closet. You can work these into casual outfits, fun outfits and also professional outfits. We love the idea of putting the Kali Cowel Neck Top in plum underneath the blazer. It gives it more of a professional and pulled together look and adds a pop of color.

#3 Tweed.  It’s a great trend for winter AND spring. A great tweed jacket can be paired perfectly with our ever popular Pencil Skirt, which really is a must-have piece for your work outfits.

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