Coat Fashion Trend

Coats are actually fun to buy now!  There are bright coats, coats with great patterns and coats with different types of fabrics! You can have an outfit that really shines because of the coat or jacket you have picked out. Another great thing is that these fun coats can be less expensive so you can pick up three or four to use instead of just one.

We love how much personality coats have and how you can find one that is really just *YOU.*  It does make for the perfect outfit!

At our Mod Bod Store in University Mall we have brought in some of our favorite coats from other vendors to pair with our Mod Bod tops underneath. Seriously, a perfect outfit is a fabulous coat, a Mod Bod basic to make it pop and some great jeans. And you are set!

Here are some great questions to ask yourself to find the PERFECT coat:

  • Does the coat match your shape and proportions?
  • Are the sleeves the correct length – falling just below the wrist?
  • Is the coat the right length to suit your height, body shape and lifestyle?
  • Does the coat feel comfortable when stretching out your arms or does it pull tight?
  • Do the collar, pockets, vents and lapels lie flat and even?
  • If the coat is lined, check for a GOOD  lining.
  • Does the coat feel comfortable and not inhibiting? (Walk around in it for a few minutes, button it up and sit down)
  • Does the coat allow for enough movement to match how your day goes?
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