Cute Outfit Ideas Using Mod Bod

On Twitter (by the way, we are on twitter @modbod) people upload their “Cute Outfit of the Day” for everyone to check out and get fashion inspiration. These are some of our favorites.  We wanted to pick them apart a bit and show you how you can use Mod Bod with them.

#1 SHOES! Have you bought a new pair of shoes that you secretly want everyone to notice and “oooh” and “ahh” over? Well then, you need to have a basic outfit that lets the new shoes or boots shine! A simple white or black tunic, along with some skinny jeans, can make your shoes the star. But sometimes tunics don’t cover your sides very well.  They can also have low necks and are often sheer. Not to mention that it is winter and freezing!  You’ll need one of our Tees from our Basic Line to fix this problem for you!

#2 We love the idea of mixing and matching patterns you normally would not put together. Doing that is a strong trend this year! We also love the retro shirts that people find in consignment stores, on Etsy, on Ebay or in their grandma’s attic. Sometimes these shirts aren’t in the best condition and loads of times they are extremely thin. Once again, layering a Mod Bod basic underneath will solve that problem and not take away from the fabulous outfit.

What is YOUR favorite cute outfit? Have you used Mod Bod to make the outfit even better?

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