Vest, Vests, Vests!

Still looking for the perfect holiday gift? Well, women from age 7 to 97 LOVE clothes.  We can’t get enough of them. But it is always tricky to buy clothes for someone else. You kind of want to play it safe and get something that is cute, durable, fashionable but that could really work for anyone.

We love the idea of a Mod Bod Basic Shirt paired with a vest. There are so many vests out there: thick vests with a hoodie, faux fur vests and more tailored and form-fitting vests as well.

This is our Gathered Vest which we think would be perfect for Grandma or Mom or your favorite aunt. It’s such a classic vest that can be used as a layering piece in a work outfit or with a great pencil skirt.

Doesn’t this pair just look so comfy and cozy? You can actually pick up this hooded vest at our Mod Bod store in University Mall. And we paired it with our V Neck Basic Shirt.  We think *anyone* would love this as a holiday gift.

Lastly, this vest on the right is a great example of faux fur AND incorporating the hot color of charcoal into your wardrobe for 2011. Doesn’t the black look perfect paired with our “Pewter” color?

Hopefully this has helped you with a great gift idea this holiday season!

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