’50’s Fashion with Our Marie & Belle Skirt

Quite a few designers showcased a calf hitting skirt on all the fashion runways for winter.  They made the outfit have a ’50’s flair.

Of course, for real life fashion you tone down the style just a bit AND you don’t pay thousands of dollars for the pieces on the models.

So let us show you how to make this trend work with two of our Mod Bod Skirts, the Marie Skirt and the Belle Skirt.

The Belle Skirt (picture above) actually comes in royal blue and red as well.  These are really fun colors to play around with.

This skirt comes in black as well.
Both of these skirts can be perfect for this trend because of how they have flow to them, hit lower on the leg and are great at defining the waist.
Pair the skirt with some adorable low heels or flats with a bow to capture the essence of the ’50’s look.
Throw on a cable knit sweater that fits closer to the body and hits right at the waist and do your hair in a 5o’s style- either pulled back in a tighter ponytail, a side bun or soft curls around the face.
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