We really enjoyed this short fashion tutorial by the Today Show and wanted to show you how you can use Mod Bod pieces to accomplish each one of these layering tips.


#1 Mixing Textures: Mix chunky, like knits or tweeds, with lightweight t shirt type fabrics.

As they said, not all of your layers can be chunky, so any top from our basic line will give you that “t shirt fabric” layer for your ensemble.

#2 Pairing Dressy with Casual: Take a fancy piece from your closet and mix it with more casual pieces. For instance, in this piece they took a dressy sequined top and paired it with a boyfriend blazer and jeans.

In the video they showed how you could use a dressier sequined top in the outfit.  We think this Lacey Front Cami would work just the same way and then you could use the piece in even MORE outfits in your wardrobe.

#3 Show Off Your Waist: Show your shape through layers by adding a wide belt or stretch belt over the layers.

See? *THIS* is the perfect cardigan to pull off that look in the video.  This cardigan looks fabulous with a belt over the top of it.

#4 Play with Proportion: Make sure all your layering pieces don’t hit you at the same point in your body.  Make sure they aren’t all the same length.

This is another great cardigan that has a completely different look and hits a different point on the body.
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