Making the Lace Trend Work

As you know, lace is a huge trend this fall and winter.  We love it.  However, we are seeing way too many women wearing it the WRONG way.  By that, we mean we see it being worn with not enough coverage! Lace doesn’t seem too feminine, soft or flirty when you don’t have good coverage behind it! It defeats the purpose a bit. This dress here does not do lace correctly.

When you pair a Mod Bod cami, cap sleeve, tank or long sleeve tee (just depending on how much coverage you want) behind the lace, it makes it work so well! It doesn’t take away from the lace and it does not add another bulky layer.  It really is the perfect pair!

Yet another way you can use our Mod Bod basics line to not only make current trends work, but to stretch your wardrobe that much further!

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