Family Picture Time!

It’s fall!  The leaves are just now starting to change colors so everyone is headed up to the canyons or into the woods with their favorite photographer (or friend with a great camera) to get some family picture shots!  Soon, at Christmas time, we will see those pictures in all of the fun holiday cards.

Use Mod Bod to help your family pictures look pulled together and keep all the females in the family looking fabulous. Here are some of our favorite ideas for family pictures:

#1 Browns: Brown is always a great color to pair with fall and the changing of the leaves.  We also like the more toned down casual look for family pictures, which is why we think a great brown top on the older girls in the family and a cute brown Mini Mod top with lace for the littles ones would make for a fabulous family picture.

#2 Dressier: If you wanted to go for a more dressier look, you need to make sure that everyone is comfortable. That is why we recommend our great skirts.  You still FEEL comfortable but do look quite a bit dressier. We have an adorable Mini Mod skirt with a matching headband that will go great with the adult skirts we have in our line. The skirts don’t have to match exactly.  Sometimes a bit of contrast makes for a more interesting picture!
#3 Weddings: Sometimes people take advantage of having everyone in one place and looking their bests at weddings. They take an extra few pictures to pass off as that year’s family picture! We love seeing our skirts used in the wedding party line. You can make them match your colors in either a casual or super fancy way and every single size looks great in our skirts. Even those women that are not officially in the wedding line but that would be in the family picture can pick up the same skirt and a make a look of their own.
Good luck with your latest family pictures.  Don’t forget to use Mod Bod to help make them fabulous!
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