Thursday’s Economy Corner–Minimod Long Sleeve

The Minimod Long Sleeve comes in these beautiful colors:
The Minimod Long Sleeve is a perfect item to feature right now for dressing your kids this fall & winter season!
The reason it is perfect for the Economy Corner is that it is so VERSATILE.  The quality lasts forever and I have found that when I buy just one size up, it fits my child for at least 18 months. Very worth the $17.95!
  • Use the long sleeve on its own.  It is a durable and very warm shirt for your girls to wear when you send them to school or out to play with friends.
  • Get more wear out of their spring dresses by layering this underneath and adding some warm tights. They have their favorite dresses.  Now they can wear them even longer!
  • Are the kids begging to wear their favorite short sleeved shirts?  Or maybe you just love the layered look? The Minimod Long Sleeve is PERFECT for this!
  • Double up! It is going to be so cold this winter, and to keep your kids toasty and warm, you sometimes have to double up.  Use TWO of these tops to be sure they stay cozy and warm.
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