3 Key Trends for Fall & Winter

Yes, you can spend a lot of money every season to stay up to date on current trends OR you can be a savvy shopper and save yourself some money! You should always strive to have key, classic, timeless pieces in your wardrobe. A Mod Bod black pencil skirt, a handful of colored Mod Bod cap sleeves and a timeless Mod Bod top are perfect examples.  After reading some fashion blogs, picking up a couple fashion magazines or simply watching the celebrities, you will begin to see a few trends everyone is forecasting for the new season.  Then, you can scout around for the best deal and come away feeling like your money was well spent.

Here are three trends on which we think you should spend your time and money:

The Cardigan

Cardigans are back but this time with style; they’re not your grandmother’s boring cardigans. Designs, colors, fabrics and lengths are all different and make for a very fun trend to play around with this fall.  The cardigan is comfortable, adds the perfect layer to your outfit and is an easy trend to follow this year.  A partially buttoned sweater combined with equally soft pieces can look effortlessly casual. Play around with accessories, belts and different types of bottoms.


We love this military inspired cardigan .  How perfect would this look with a brightly colored Mod Bod layered underneath?

Brightly Colored Coats

These are tricky–sometimes the colors even great designers use are just not flattering!  But when you make sure the color you choose goes with your coloring and that it is really a color you feel like you will want to wear this fall and winter, go for it! It makes an easy outfit like jeans paired with a white Mod Bod top look just fabulous.  I have this trench coat and love the quality and fit. Check out the colors we found around:

Dresses with Color

Dresses with COLOR are in this fall.  You’ll find dresses that are a little less formal and work for the workplace, a casual night out, etc. You’ll also see dresses that cover all your assets, that are great paired with fun accessories and that have great color and patterns.

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