4 Items at 40% Off!

Four items from our line right now are 40% off and they are items you need to have for THIS CURRENT season! Let us show them off to you:

Such a versatile and classic piece that every female in the house can share! You can make this banded cardigan work perfectly for work, a night out with friends or on a date. You add YOUR personality to make it feel like you. Add a lace top underneath for more of a romantic look.  Pair it with a vintage belt for a boho look or even use it to make dresses a bit more modest by adding sleeves.  So many ways to use this high quality, very versatile piece.
$18 for this top is a complete steal and you can pick one up in white, black and this beautiful pewter color. Pair it with jeans, a great fitting denim skirt, under a fun fall jacket or use it as a layering piece. Our customers love the bit of puff in the arm to help the arm look thinner and longer. Such a beautiful top that can be used for years and years.
Don’t you love tops that are so comfy, warm and fit just right? Almost like a “comfort” top you always go to on any sort of day. Well THIS is it. Worried about having a day where you feel like you want to hide anything around the stomach area? Or a day where it is bitterly cold outside and you just want to stay warm and comfy but you don’t want to dress down TOO much and look sloppy?  Boy, this shirt is just perfect for that AND to use in dressier outfits as well.
Lastly, the Anna Ruffle Neck Top: such a just classy, beautiful and timeless piece. We love how you can create completely different looks just by deciding on if you should button the top of the shirt or not.  For those of you who want to participate in the ruffle trend of this season but not go too far, this shirt is perfect because it has just a touch of it.
Be sure to take advantage of all of these items being 40% off this week!
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