Dead Trends & Trends that are Still Going Strong!

Don’t you love those specials on fashion do’s and don’ts?  We wanted to do our own version: Dead Trends and Trends that are Still Going Strong!

Be sure to let us know if you disagree, agree or have ideas of your own!


#1 Oversized Flannel: Flannel doesn’t need to be oversized, unshapely or dull anymore. You can shop around for a different colored print than the norm or buy it in a jacket and put a great tank underneath. You can wear a fitted flannel top with leggings and great boots.  Basically wear it any way but the oversized, dull flannel that we wore when we were all younger!

#2 Doc Martens: It is time for Doc Martens to go!  There are so many different shoe choices that are durable, comfy and great for running around in, but at the same time elongate the leg and that are much more attractive!

#3 TOO much Animal Print: We love animal print but it’s really good in only ONE aspect of your outfit.  Use it in the coat or dress or bag or top or bottom.  But please  not in every item of clothing.  That is just overkill!

#4 Bad Fitting Jeans: Seems like most women, no matter what age, have been able to take the tutorials they have seen or heard or just FINALLY find a brand that makes them look fantastic. But there are still stragglers out there. A trend that needs to die is ill-fitting jeans in any way: jeans that show too much in the back when a woman sits down or that are too high or too tight or too loose.  Take advantage of all the tutorials and brands out there and find the jeans that will look amazing on you!

#5 Not having FUN! Don’t let fashion or trends discourage you or overwhelm you.  Fashion is fun.  Finding your personality and look and feel makes you feel beautiful and confident to match your wonderful personality!

Trends that are Still Going Strong!

#1 Trench Coat: These are just so classic and we don’t see them ever going out of style!  Sure, new colors and fits come in and out. Every woman needs a great trench coat that shows off her waist and makes her look just classically beautiful.

#2 Casual: Easy breezy, you still can be feminine and fun while at the same time feeling casual and comfy. Casual and comfy doesn’t mean sloppy anymore!  Boots are now made to be casual and elegant at the same time.  From great fitting tops to jeans, casual is in!

#3 Shirtdresses:  A shirtdress is such a classic piece and here to stay in all lengths, colors and styles. Wear it with a belt around the waist or just paired with a great handbag.

#4 Pencil Skirts: Aren’t you glad that here at Mod Bod we HAVE the perfect pencil skirt for you? Such a perfect look for date night, a work outfit or a more dressier event. We love how this piece has been around for decades and is still here!

#5 White Shirt, Great Jeans & Heels: You can’t go wrong with this outfit.  It always look classy, well put together and attractive.

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