Owner’s Top Picks

These are the co-owners of Mod Bod, Shellie & Amanda. Below, they share their Top Picks from the Mod Bod Line and why they love them!

Banded Cardigan

Amanda: The new cardigan is an amazing piece for me! It’s so comfortable but has a classy feel to it. I can wear it with skirts or jeans, dressed up or dressed down.

Shellie: I love this cardigan for it’s versatility, I can wear it buttoned up with a perfect tank and a scarf or belted for a flattering fit.


The Perfect Tank
I love the perfect tank because it’s just that: “perfect.” I also love how the material holds me in just enough so that I feel thinner without it being too tight!

Lacey Front Cami
I love the lacey front cami because it’s so versatile. I can wear it with just about anything! I don’t have to be dressy to wear the lacey cami. For me it adds a little bit of romance to my outfits. Besides all that, lace is very trendy right now. Who doesn’t love to feel like they are with the trends!


Katie Jean Skirt
The Katie Jean skirt is perfect for every season. Pair with a Perfect Tee or with a Perfect
V-Neck and flip flops or mary janes for summer/spring. For a classy office fall/winter outfit, pair with a Banded Cardigan and a Perfect Tank or with a Perfect V-Neck, heels or boots.

Perfect V Neck A-Perfect V Neck

Perfect V-Neck
The Perfect V-Neck is my all around favorite mod bod shirt. I love to wear this shirt with my shorts, capris, jeans, skirts and dress slacks. Classy enough for work, comfortable enough for everyday!

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