Thursday’s Economy Corner

For this week’s Economy Corner we wanted to do something a bit different and not highlight a piece from our line but just give you 5 ideas on how to UPDATE your pieces from last year and give them a fresh new spin this year!

  • Use a blazer to tone down your feminine summer dresses. You can even throw a belt over the buttoned up blazer to give yourself a bit more of a waistline.
  • Make old pants look new simply by cuffing them! Such an easy but great tip to give your same old pants a new look.
  • Take your simple overdone fall outfit of your favorite jeans and a top and just pair some fall clogs with it. Just a new pair of shoes and a great scarf can make the outfit seem brand new!
  • Floral was a big trend during the past two months but don’t hide those pieces at the back of your closet.  You can use them!  Help extend the lives of bright, summery styles by adding accessories in dark, fallish hues, like pretty brown booties.  Go the extra mile and wear a matching belt to up the cool quotient of your new fall outfit.
  • Lastly, LAYER!  You need to become the expert in layering.  Lucky for you we just did a FABULOUS tutorial on this.  Check it out!
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