Working Mod Bod Pieces into Lace Tops

Lace is a huge trend this year and based on the sneak peaks we have seen for 2011, the trend is here to stay for a while. Here is how you can make this trend work for you with our Mod Bod pieces.

#1 This Lace cardigan would be such a fun piece for the holidays! (By the way, it is available at You could put a long sleeve red Mod Bod Basic underneath to make the lace modest, but also really pop. You can see all the beautiful detail by putting a fun bright color underneath it.

#1 Lace in cardigans is big right now too.  But let’s be honest.   It doesn’t equal much warmth or coverage, even if the detail is beautiful and feminine.  Solving that problem is easy when putting a Mod Bod basic underneath. You can still keep the top “springy” by adding a pastel color.  You can make it work for the holidays be layering a red or darker green. Then, once again, all the detail in the piece really shows and is even more beautiful.

Feel free to buy those lace items you have been eyeing! Now you can make them work with Mod Bod!

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