Working Mod Bod Pieces Into V Neck Tops

Mod Bod Pieces look fabulous on their own but they also can be used to make other fun lines more modest, give them a bit more color or add some deminsion to the outfit.

#1 Sheer Tops–These fun sheer tops we are seeing everywhere, worked into business suit outfits for women, worn under maxi dresses, on their own with bermuda shorts. The detail in these shirts are such fun and something a bit more trendy then a normal V Necked shirt. If you layer a cap sleeve, tank or cami underneath it makes it work modesty wise but also gives it some color and pop! We love this look!

#2 We love V Neck tops because they keep us cooler during the Summer, are so flattering to the neckline and you can play around with what peeks out on the top and bottom. For instance shown above is our Lacey Front Cami that gives the plain gray V-Neck some beautiful color and detail. But it still is casual and perfect paired with a great pair of jeans!

There are so many ways to work our Mod Bod Basics into all of your outfits, from V Necks to Maxi Dresses to Swimsuit Cover Ups!

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