Thursday’s Economy Corner–Lacey Front Cami

This week for our Economy Corner we are showing off our Lacey Front Cami.  This is an item that our customers SWEAR by and that stylist consultants love to recommend.

The Lacey Front Cami is sheer elegance.  It has super soft lining and an all over lace front with great lace trim detailing.  Let us show you its worth by showing you how often you can use it in your wardrobe:
  • Cardigans are huge this summer and earth tones are as well.  To make these longer earth-toned cardigans a bit more feminine and to show off a waist underneath, add the Lacey Front Cami. 
  • With V-neck shirts, you can show a bit of lace in the top by layering the lacey front cami underneath.
  • If you wanted a more comfortable outfit to wear while running around with the kids, you can add this cami underneath a Basic T to show a bit of lace at the bottom.
  • This cami with the pencil skirt is one of our favorite looks.  To make it a bit more modest you can pair it with a sweater, cardigan, shrug, etc.  It makes a classy and almost retro look that is perfect for date night, work or church.
  • You also could wear this OVER a capsleeve to show off the beautiful lace and great detail on the trim.
It comes in all of these fabulous colors:
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