Quick Fall Fashion Tips

Want to spruce up your fall outfits or add some of your own personality to our Mod Bod basics?

Well then, we have the perfect list of new trends this upcoming fall and easy ways to have fun with the new trends with very little effort!

  • Hats–for Men AND Women, hats are a huge trend this fall.  Such a fun way to add some personality to a classic outfit!

  • Sunglasses, yes sunglasses, are a big trend for fall!  The Aviator style for men and women and the cat eyed style for women are big this year.
  • Oversized clutches.  We have seen this trend a lot with animal prints as well.  Want add some personality to a great black dress, skirt or just an outfit of denim and a white tee? Try this out.  We love the oversized clutches!
  • Statement necklaces.  We love these.  We love how you can wear a simple outfit that looks fabulous on you but just dress it up with this.  Now, when doing a statement necklace don’t do a statement anything else in the accessory department!
  • Thin bangles in gold.  Gold is coming back and adding it into your wardrobe in thin bangles is a great way to get used to gold.  Add some oomph to your fall outfits and follow a fun trend this fall!
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