3 Upcoming Fall Trends & Mod Bod

Lots of us are already going Back to School Shopping for the kiddos (and for ourselves, too!), and we wanted to show you how to work Mod Bod into the upcoming fall trends.

#1 Turtlenecks.  Use as layering pieces under everything from dresses to ponchos.  Our Jace Turtleneck is perfect for this.  We also hear from our customers that turtlenecks from other designers can be on the shorter side so they use our camis underneath to add the extra length.

#2 Bigger Pants. Think the Katharine Hepburn trousers in an array of colors. To pull off these types of pants, you need to wear a more fitted top. Our Fitted Cowl Neck Top would go perfect with this style.
#3 Short Sleeved Sweaters/Cardigans. We are seeing a lot of the classic cardigans and sweaters, although this time a lot of them are striped AND short sleeved. But they don’t provide enough warmth, so just layer one with a long sleeved basic top of ours!
Perfect Long Sleeve A-Perfect Long Sleeve
Look how cute this look is in maternity as well!
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