3 Hot Summer Outfit Ideas Incorporating Mod Bod Tops

We LOVE these summer outfit ideas.  We have been noticing these are becoming trends fast, and we love even more that undertease makes the outfits even better!

#1 Sky Blue & Bright White– Warmer colors like sky blue can be very fun for summer outfits.  That color paired with a bright white Mod Bod Basic is perfect!

*This baby blue Skirt is available at http://www.BlendFashions.com

#2 Lace Tops–Adding a romantic fabric like lace takes a casual outfit to a more fun level. However, lace tops can be a bit revealing, so if you just put an Mod Bod cami or a lighter weight Bio Wash Mod Bod underneath, it makes that worry go away.

* This top available at http://www.BlendFashions.com

#3 Vintage Finds– Go through your grandmother’s old clothes or make your way down to the hottest “vintage store” in your area to find a great summer dress, top or pair of linen pants as a beautiful piece that no one else will have. Sometimes the bright sunlight can drill right through fabric, making your undergarments VERY visible so be sure to pair it with a mod bod basic top to avoid that problem!

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