Thursday’s Economy Corner–Mini Mods

This week for our Economy Corner we are showing off something for the younger Mod Bod crowd. Our Mini Mod tops:

Here are some fun ideas on how to use these for all of the younger girls in your family!

  • Sundresses: Sometimes, when trying to buy dresses for our girls that are a little on the larger size (so they end up lasting more than one season) they can be too big, which can make them a bit low in the front. Layering a Mini Mod cami can solve that problem. And if you like for your girls to have sleeves on their dresses, just layer a Mini Mod cap sleeve so they can still stay cool in their sundresses while being modest.
  • The camis extend a T-shirt’s life after it has shrunk up in the wash!  That helps make sure you get a lot of value for your money.
  • Don’t forget the extra fancy touch of lace which all the girls just have so much fun with.
Minimod Cami w/Lace A-Minimod Cami w/Lace
Visit our Mini Mod section online here, to check out all the different items we have for  your girls!
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