June & July Costco Dates

Here is the official Costco schedule for our spring basics OR swimwear line. If you don’t see your city on the list, hopefully we will be coming to you during the rest of the spring/summer months!

Basic Spring Line                               West Valley, UT                  6/18-6/27

Basic Spring Line                               Redding, CA                       6/18-6/27

Basic Spring Line                               Clovis, CA                            6/18-6/27

Basic Spring Line                               Novato, CA                         6/18-6/27

Basic Spring Line                               Mountain View, CA         6/18-6/27

Basic Spring Line                               San Francisco, CA             6/18-6/27

Basic Spring Line                               Sunnyvale, CA                   6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Gig Harbor, WA                 6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Burlington. WA                 6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Vancouver, WA                  6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Coeur D’ Alene, ID           6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Reno, NV                             6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Santa Clara, CA                  6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Santa Rosa, CA                  6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 San Leandro, CA               6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Carson City, NV                 6/18-6/27

Swimwear Line                                 Fontana                               6/25-7/3

Swimwear Line                                 San Luis Obispo                 6/25-7/3

Swimwear Line                                 Oxnard                                 6/25-7/3

Swimwear Line                                 Tuscon                                  6/25-7/3

Swimwear Line                                 NW Tuscon                         6/25-7/3

Swimwear Line                                 Tempe                                  6/25-7/3

Swimwear Line                                 Superior                               6/25-7/3

Swimwear Line                                 Arvada                                  6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Irvine, CA                            6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Santa Maria. CA                    6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Carmel Mountain, CA     6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Prescott. AZ                       6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Thornton, CO                     6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Salem. OR                           6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Tacoma, WA                       6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Livermore, CA                   6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Foster City. CA                  6/25-7/3

Basic Spring Line                               Anchorage, AK                  6/25-7/3

If you have any friends or family in these areas, let them know we will be in their local Costcos.

Thanks for all your support!

Once again, here is a little overview of what you can expect when you head into your local Costco to find us:

At Costco, you can buy our Basics line in a 2 pack box. We have boxes of Long Sleeve, Camis, Cap Sleeve and Perfect Vs. They come in black, white and other different colors. You get them at a great price, so be sure to watch for when we will be in your area.

OR in some places, our swimwear will be available! The following is a video going over the different styles:

Mod Bod Swim Wear 2010 from vanessa brown on Vimeo.

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  1. Beth

     /  June 29, 2010

    You need to come to Florida! I used to live in Utah and would buy things every time you guys came to my Costco there, now some of my Basics are looking worn and I don’t have you at my Costco in Orlando!


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