Early June Costco Dates

Here is the official Costco schedule for our spring basics OR swimwear line. If you don’t see your city on the list, hopefully we will be coming to you during the rest of the spring/summer months!

Basic Spring Line              Bend, OR             6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Aloha, OR            6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Richmond, CA   6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Tracy, CA             6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Vacaville, CA     6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Turlock, CA         6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Antioch, CA        6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Woodland, CA   6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 Gilroy, CA            6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 Manteca, CA      6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 Visalia, CA          6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 Chico, CA             6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 NE San Jose, CA                6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 Billings, MT        6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 Helena, MT         6/4-6/13

Swimwear Line                 Spokane, WA     6/4-6/13

Basic Spring Line              Van Nuys, CA     6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              Chino Hills, CA  6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              Alhamnbra, CA 6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              La Habra, CA       6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              N. Phoenix, AZ  6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              Lake Elsionre, CA 6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              Sheridan, CO     6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              Anchorage II, AK 6/11-6/20

Basic Spring Line              Orem, UT             6/11-6/20

Swimwear Line                 Mt. View             6/11-6/20

Swimwear Line                 Citrus Heights   6/11-6/20

Swimwear Line                 Santa Clarita      6/11-6/20

Swimwear Line                 Los Feliz               6/11-6/20

Swimwear Line                 Westlake Village 6/11-6/20

Swimwear Line                 Chula Vista         6/11-6/20

Swimwear Line                 W CO Springs     6/11-6/20

If you have any friends or family in these areas, let them know we will be in their local Costcos.

Thanks for all your support!

Once again, here is a little overview of what you can expect when you head into your local Costco to find us:

At Costco, you can buy our Basics line in a 2 pack box. We have boxes of Long Sleeve, Camis, Cap Sleeve and Perfect Vs. They come in black, white and other different colors. You get them at a great price, so be sure to watch for when we will be in your area.

OR in some places, our swimwear will be available! The following is a video going over the different styles:

Mod Bod Swim Wear 2010 from vanessa brown on Vimeo.

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