Thursday’s Economy Corner – Banded Cardigan

We are starting a new trend here on the Mod Bod Blog, Thursday’s Economy Corner, where we will show you how to get the most out of your Mod Bod pieces.

We’ll show you how to work them into tons of different types of outfits, how to wear the item throughout the whole year and give you a few other fun tips.

Banded Cardigan

(available in Magenta, Black & Brown)

For our first week we are going to highlight the Banded Cardigan, which is such a perfect key piece to have in your wardrobe. It’s a piece that will always stay in style, that you can wear from winter to summer and that you can use to fit into your own personal styles.

Here are a few of our ideas:

  • Spring! We never know if it will be warm, rainy, cool, hot or (even sometimes) snowy! Layer our cardigan over your new maxi dresses, short sleeved tops and tanks that you have been waiting to wear all winter long.
  • Cool Summer Night: Cropped Pants, Great Fitting T Shirt & Banded Cardigan. A chunky fun necklace would be a perfect accessory in this outfit.
  • Extra Layer for the Beach: Early in the morning, late at night and even on windy days during our beach vacations it can be a bit chilly at times. The Banded Cardigan is the perfect layering piece that looks a bit more sophisticated and fun.
  • New Fall Outfit: When we are busy helping our kids with back to school shopping we wish we could buy a new wardrobe as well! But something just as simple as putting a great belt over the buttoned up cardigan in order to to accentuate your waist can help you feel like you have something new for yourself!
  • Work Wear: If you have meetings or days at work when you can be a bit more casual and put away the suit jacket for a bit, pick up a cardigan! It still looks sharp and chic, but pulls outfits together. A great addition to add to the cardigan is a fun scarf. There are scarves for winter, fall and even lighter weight ones for spring.
  • Versatile: The look of a cardigan can vary depending on how many buttons you button. If you button it all the way, you can add an interesting belt or a scarf, like we suggested earlier. For a more casual look, leave it open and add some interesting jewelry at the neck line.
  • All Different Occasions: Cardigans are perfect for a cold winter day with jeans, with a fancy skirt for a nice party, over a pretty dress, with a pencil skirt at work or as a layering piece during the transitional months.

You are sure to get every single penny’s worth when adding the Banded Cardigan to your wardrobe. It is one of the most versatile and important pieces in a woman’s wardrobe!

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