Developing Fashion Intuition 

Fashion intuition is that gut instinct combined with your personality which defines you and makes you stand out from the pack of others. Of course, some people naturally have a stronger sense of fashion intuition than others.  But with proper guidance and attention, it is something we can all learn! 

Developing your fashion intuition will help you sift through the stream of fashion trends season after season and sort through the hundreds of new looks. It will help you select the classic, timeless pieces which tend to rotate in and out of fashion periodically and pair them with the newest trends. 

It will help your pocket-book when you make sure you have those fabulous ‘key pieces’ always in your wardrobe.  It will keep people commenting, ‘Where did you get that?’ And, developing fashion intuition will allow you to show your personality through your clothing. 

Here is an activity to do to help in developing your fashion intuition: 

  1. Put together different outfits using your own fashion sense. Explore fashion magazines, fashion blogs, your favorite celebrities’ style, etc. When you have the outfit picked out, try it on and take a picture of yourself!
  2. Play around with accessories for each outfit. Try out different shoes or hats or belts. Once again, look through catalogs from your favorite shops or ask a friend whose fashion you admire on tips for accessorizing.
  3. Take a picture of each and every different outfit and style you model.
  4. Switch up your makeup, hair style, etc. with the different outfits. You will start to develop your “intuition” and start to get excited about certain outfits.  You will love how they feel like YOU, are flattering on you, match your personality and make you feel good!
  5. When you’re done trying on different coordinating outfits, upload your pictures and put them in a book to look over.
  6. Choose your favorite photos and then study them closely. What do you like best about the picture? What do you feel you wear the best? This will help you get to know YOU, your style and ultimately your fashion intuition!

Good luck and have fun!

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