Spring Dress Trends for Women

This season, spring dresses are very in.  Two in particular are quite popular: the Maxi Dress & the Shirtdress.  These are two styles we love but need a little bit of help to make them modest!

The shirtdress has a timeless silhouette.  These fun dresses can go from work to play with the swapping of accessories – with the belted waist they complement your curves and you can even switch up the belt to create a fresh look. It is very casual chic, which we love here at Mod Bod. You can pair it with leggings if it is a bit too short.  To make it modest up top, all you need is a Basic Mod Bod Cami or Cap Sleeve or Tank !

The Maxi Dress is great for hot weather and will fit any body type. The maxi dress comes in an array of prints, colors, and fabrics, making this a versatile fashion piece.  Many women want a bit more coverage up top where, once again, our Basic Mod Bod Cami or Cap Sleeve or Tank comes in perfectly.

Mod Bod Basics make it so you can have fun with all the current trends while feeling comfortable with how much skin you are showing.

Happy spring!

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