We Need YOUR Opinion

We are putting together our fall/winter line and want to know what COLORS YOU, our customers, would love to see in the Perfect Long sleeve, Cap sleeve, V-neck 3/4 sleeve and Cami.

Thanks for your input!


Swim 2010 Overview

Don’t forget our 2010 Swimwear line is  available at http://www.themodbod.com/departments/swim.aspx

Cassy Halter Top B-K6

Cassy Halter Top:

Chic and simple, Cassy’s sensible style shines in a crowd. Not only does she have an adjustable halter tie, she also has back ties for extra support that every woman will love.

Zena B-M5

One of our most stylish new tops, the Zena is both revealing and concealing. Whether you choose the exotic zebra print or orchid iris, you’ll be sure to get the right attention. 

Ella Ruffle Top B-K7

Ella Ruffle Top:
Our funkiest and most flattering suit yet. Ruffles are extra forgiving and show off your unique sense of style. Add the adjustable straps and you have the perfect suit.

Lucy B-K8

Flirty and fun with a dash of retro, the Lucy top will lead to parties on the beach or relaxing afternoons poolside. The ruffle and tie add looks while the quality support and straps add function.

The Marilyn one-piece is our most universal one-piece suit with adjustable straps to fit any torso, all over lining with tummy control, medium-cut legs & full rear coverage.

Rouched Bottom B-L3

Rouched Bottom:
Wear them high or low, it’s your choice! Fade Resistant. Fully Lined. Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Rouched Skirt w/ Bottom B-L4

Rouched Skirt w/Bottom:
Show a little, or a little more.  It’s up to you! Swim bottoms attached underneath. Fade Resistant. Fully Lined. Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Ruffle Skirt:
Want a little extra coverage at the pool? The Ruffle Skirt slips over the top of you favorite bottom to add a little coverage to any swimsuit.

Straight Skirt:

Want a little extra coverage at the pool? The Straight Skirt slips over top of you favorite bottom to add a little coverage to any swimsuit.

Banded Bottom Two-tone B-K3-two tone

Swim Banded Bottom B-K3

Swim Banded Bottom:
Extra high bottom for coverage and tummy control. Fade Resistant. Fully Lined. Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

Here is a great video we put together showing off how the different styles can be worn and the features in each swimsuit:

Mod Bod Swim Wear 2010 from vanessa brown on Vimeo.

Being Unique & REAL is IN

Lately we have been reading a lot of articles in fashion magazines and watching fashion segments that keep repeating one huge trend.

That being unique and real…being YOU is very in. Which we love. We love that everyone can show off their personality through their style, try something brand new or pull something out from their great grandmother’s closet and it all still works. We love that there are not so many clear fashion rules anymore; just more of a guideline that still allows you to be YOU. The current trends are now merely suggestions on how to develop your individual look – cues in the overall tone of your personal style.


This is one of the many reasons our customers keep coming back.  We have such an array of selections for different types of women or different looks. Every new line that we at Mod Bod release are fun, unique, beautiful and flattering. This results in fabulous lines in our store and very pleased customers.

Cowl Neck Top

Our Cowl Neck Top has been a favorite item with our customers for quite a while. They love the cowl neck top for many reasons: it helps women wanting to appear larger in the bust accomplish that; it adds a bit more femininity to an outfit; and when paired with the right bottom, it is quite slimming for the waist.

#1 Pair our cowl neck top with a great pair of skinny jeans, like Sheryl Crow below:

#2 Tuck the cowl neck into a higher waisted A line or pencil skirt.

#3 No matter what the sleeve length, pair a cowl neck with a low slung belt. It gives the cowl neck a bit more of a casual and funky look.


Like we have said before, use our classic items as the key pieces in your wardrobe to give your own personalization to completely different looks!

Two Camis for the Price of One

We are excited to announce that right now you can get TWO Camis for the price of ONE when you buy our Cami Kits for 19.95.

Right now there are some great color options in the Cami Kits:




White/Shell Pink



The Perfect Cami is extra long to keep your stomach and back covered. Wear it alone or layered under or over other clothing– the slightly higher neckline will cover cleavage. Quality finished seams, hems, and necklines paired with a perfect fit, help The Perfect Cami to stay snugly around your hips. It’s perfect for everything from work to working out! Use it as a supportive, expandable maternity shirt!

Shop the Cami Kits right now!

May Costco Dates

Here is the official Costco schedule for our spring basics OR swimwear line. If you don’t see your city on the list, hopefully we will be coming to you during the rest of the spring/summer months!

Spring Basic Line               Portland, OR                      5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Tigard, OR                           5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Sandy, UT                            5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Gilbert, AZ                          5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               San Jose, CA                       5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               So. San Francisco, CA      5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Rancho Cordova, CA       5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               El Camino, CA                    5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Tracy, CA                             5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Laguna Niguel, CA            5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Bakersfield, CA                 5/14-5/23

Swimwear                           Aurora Village, CA            5/14-5/23

Swimwear                           Kennewick, WA                   5/14-5/23

Spring Basic Line               Tustin, CA                            5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Everett, WA                       5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Twin Falls, ID                      5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Everett, WA                       5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Twin Falls, ID                      5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Modesto, CA                     5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Santa Rosa, CA                  5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Santa Clara, CA                  5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Sand City, CA                     5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Clovis, CA                            5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Vallejo, CA                          5/21-5/30

Swimwear                           Sparks, NV                          5/21-5/30

Swimwear                           Folsom, CA                         5/21-5/30

Swimwear                           Turlock, CA                         5/21-5/30

Swimwear                           Antioch, CA                        5/21-5/30

Swimwear                           Woodland, CA                   5/21-5/30

Spring Basic Line               Santee, CA                          5/28-6/6

Spring Basic Line               NW Tucson, AZ                 5/28-6/6

Spring Basic Line               Canago Park, CA               5/28-6/6

Spring Basic Line               Northridge, CA                  5/28-6/6

Spring Basic Line               Clarkston, WA                   5/28-6/6

Spring Basic Line               Aurora Village, WA          5/28-6/6

Spring Basic Line               Fairfield, CA                        5/28-6/6

Spring Basic Line               Salinas, CA                          5/28-6/6

Swimwear                           Morena, CA                        5/28-6/6

Swimwear                           Douglas, CO                        5/28-6/6

Swimwear                           Lake Elsinore, CA              5/28-6/6

Swimwear                           Colorado Springs, CO      5/28-6/6

Swimwear                           Simi Valley, CA                  5/28-6/6

Swimwear                           Laguna Niguel, CA            5/28-6/6

Swimwear                           San Bernardino, CA         5/28-6/6

If you have any friends or family in these areas, let them know we will be in their local Costcos.

Thanks for all your support!

Once again, here is a little overview of what you can expect when you head into your local Costco to find us:

At Costco, you can buy our Basics line in a 2 pack box. We have boxes of Long Sleeve, Camis, Cap Sleeve and Perfect Vs. They come in black, white and other different colors. You get them at a great price, so be sure to watch for when we will be in your area.

OR in some places, our swimwear will be available! The following is a video going over the different styles:

Mod Bod Swim Wear 2010 from vanessa brown on Vimeo.

Nautical Look with Mod Bod

The nautical look is a fun, easy to put together, and fashion forward style to try out this spring & summer. The ladies at Blend Fashions, our favorite clothing boutique here in Utah, put together this great tutorial.

Here at Mod Bod we have the perfect items to use in this style: the high waisted A-Line skirt, red tanks, blue shirts and white tops. Be sure to watch the fun tutorial below:

Nautical Look 2010 from vanessa brown on Vimeo.

Developing Fashion Intuition


Fashion intuition is that gut instinct combined with your personality which defines you and makes you stand out from the pack of others. Of course, some people naturally have a stronger sense of fashion intuition than others.  But with proper guidance and attention, it is something we can all learn! 

Developing your fashion intuition will help you sift through the stream of fashion trends season after season and sort through the hundreds of new looks. It will help you select the classic, timeless pieces which tend to rotate in and out of fashion periodically and pair them with the newest trends. 

It will help your pocket-book when you make sure you have those fabulous ‘key pieces’ always in your wardrobe.  It will keep people commenting, ‘Where did you get that?’ And, developing fashion intuition will allow you to show your personality through your clothing. 

Here is an activity to do to help in developing your fashion intuition: 

  1. Put together different outfits using your own fashion sense. Explore fashion magazines, fashion blogs, your favorite celebrities’ style, etc. When you have the outfit picked out, try it on and take a picture of yourself!
  2. Play around with accessories for each outfit. Try out different shoes or hats or belts. Once again, look through catalogs from your favorite shops or ask a friend whose fashion you admire on tips for accessorizing.
  3. Take a picture of each and every different outfit and style you model.
  4. Switch up your makeup, hair style, etc. with the different outfits. You will start to develop your “intuition” and start to get excited about certain outfits.  You will love how they feel like YOU, are flattering on you, match your personality and make you feel good!
  5. When you’re done trying on different coordinating outfits, upload your pictures and put them in a book to look over.
  6. Choose your favorite photos and then study them closely. What do you like best about the picture? What do you feel you wear the best? This will help you get to know YOU, your style and ultimately your fashion intuition!

Good luck and have fun!

Spring Dress Trends for Women

This season, spring dresses are very in.  Two in particular are quite popular: the Maxi Dress & the Shirtdress.  These are two styles we love but need a little bit of help to make them modest!

The shirtdress has a timeless silhouette.  These fun dresses can go from work to play with the swapping of accessories – with the belted waist they complement your curves and you can even switch up the belt to create a fresh look. It is very casual chic, which we love here at Mod Bod. You can pair it with leggings if it is a bit too short.  To make it modest up top, all you need is a Basic Mod Bod Cami or Cap Sleeve or Tank !

The Maxi Dress is great for hot weather and will fit any body type. The maxi dress comes in an array of prints, colors, and fabrics, making this a versatile fashion piece.  Many women want a bit more coverage up top where, once again, our Basic Mod Bod Cami or Cap Sleeve or Tank comes in perfectly.

Mod Bod Basics make it so you can have fun with all the current trends while feeling comfortable with how much skin you are showing.

Happy spring!

Mini Mod Paired with Sundresses

Sundresses are such a go-to item for getting little girls ready during the spring & summer. But sometimes halter dress tops or strap sundresses show a bit too much skin for our taste. Throwing a lightweight, comfy, soft and fitting Mini Mod Cami or Mini Mod Captease is the perfect solution to this problem!


Minimod Cap Sleeve A-Minimod Cap Sleeve

Minimod Cap w/Lace A-Minimod Cap w/Lace

Minimod Cami w/Lace A-Minimod Cami w/Lace
MiniMod Cami A-MiniMod Cami
Aren’t they adorable? You have the option of lace or no lace at the bottom.  These tops will cover your girls’ stomachs and help you not to worry about their sundresses staying in place.  They are also quite comfy! Be sure to pick up a few for your girls for spring & summer.