Swim Skirts

The tops and bottoms in our 2010 Swimwear Mod Bod Line are sold separately. That gives you the option of mixing and matching the different pieces to make a swimsuit that is best for you.  You can also use the bottoms as swim coverups with your already favorite swimsuit.


This season we have three Mod Bod swim skirts available: the straight , rouched and ruffle skirt.

The ruffle skirt hits mid thigh so it is a bit longer and has the two toned ruffles in all of the colors, which are black with a white band, orchid iris with a white band and aqua with a white band.

Or, if you already like how the straight skirt fits, we have that in black and brown as well!

Lastly, we have the Rouched Skirt which we love.  It slims the body, allows you to tighten or loosen the strings (to make the skirt shorter or longer), and just adds a bit more fun detail to go with your swimsuit. We have the Mod Bod rouched skirt in black, pink lemonade, aqua and orchid iris.

Be sure to head on over to http://www.themodbod.com to pick out the one that you would love!

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