Strong Spring Trends

Here at Mod Bod we always say that the pieces in our lines will be “key items” in your wardrobe that you can use for years. They are high quality, will last the test of time and will be items you know look  fantastic on you.

When your closet has a great pencil skirt, layering tops, A line skirt, cardigans, etc. you can spend less and have a bit more fun on the “trendier” items that come and go with each season.

We wanted to give you a head start on spring and help you have fun with the new styles, so we are sharing three of the strong spring trends and how to pair them with our line!

#1 Menswear Inspired Looks

Menswear for women is a big trend this season!  The trend is even to the point of BUYING menswear to add into your wardrobe! Loafers, blazers, vests, ties, etc. are all the rage for spring. Why not layer a blazer with a feminine Lacey Front Camisole in a fun spring color?  That way, you balance the outfit well!

#2 Floral Prints


A floral print in your top is the perfect amount of floral to wear so you don’t end up going overboard. You can wear a beautiful flowy feminine floral top tucked into our great Pencil Skirt. If the floral top is a bit see through because of its light fabric, you can just pair it with one of our layering basic Ts.

#3 Bright Colored Dresses

We love this style and think it’s such fun! But sometimes spring can be chilly.  Sometimes you want to have some sort of sleeve or you love to layer clothing. Pairing these bright colored dresses with our Banded Cardigan would do the trick.

Happy spring!

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