Free Shipping!

Wish you could get some advice on which styles to take advantage of during our Free Shipping Week? Well, we sent our line to four fun ladies and they posted on their favorite items!

We sent the lovely Reachel from Cardigan Empire some pieces from our fall/winter Line, MB Clothing, to see how she would put her own spin on them. Reachel has such an amazing eye for anything fashion and you can tell she just adores blogging about everything fashion.

Fashion Style Etiquette Cardigan Empire

She will give you fantastic ideas on how YOU can pair our MB Clothing collection and give you a completely new introduction to our line.

Melissa Esplin looks stunning in each of our pieces and we love her style.  She puts a totally different twist on our line. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

This is what we want with our line- for the pieces to look gorgeous on their own and to become staples in your wardrobe.  We also want the pieces to become your own! We want you to use them for a “rocker chick look,” a “sophisticated look,” a “holiday look” or an “everyday look.” Melissa does such an awesome job of showing different looks! Here is a sneak peek at one of her looks, but you will have to read her complete blog post to see all of them!

Lindsey from The R House put the outfits together so perfectly.  We love the tunic she paired with our 3/4 length sleeve top. Even more, we love her reasoning behind preferring 3/4 length sleeve to long sleeve. As she put it, “As a mom of two messy toddler boys, I am glad it’s not long sleeve–especially since it is white.  At the end of the day, I am always surprised to see marker, m&m stains and playdough sticking to me around the wrists.” We never thought of it like that but are glad to be helping mothers out!

the r house button

To see her FULL review and to find out what piece she loved the most from our line, be sure to check it out here!

Allison from Petit Elefant posted her review, outfits, pictures of her beautiful self, and also “cheat sheets” for you to use in putting together outfits.

We love seeing every blogger’s personal style and how much fun they had putting their spin on the outfits. Even more, we love their reviews on our pieces and which ones look fabulous on them.

So take the advice and reviews from these ladies, and then take advantage of our free shipping this week!

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