Winter Blowout Sale–Perfect Long Sleeve Styling

Have you taken advantage of our Winter Blowout Sale yet? 30% off the Perfect Long Sleeve and Free Shipping on orders over $100!

Our Perfect Long Sleeve comes in SIX different colors: White, Black, Cream, Pewter, Blue Steel and Brown. Our long sleeve shirt is the essential item in every woman’s wardrobe.  We want to show off some outfits that it works perfectly with for cold winter.

1. It is the perfect Shirt to layer into or wear on it’s own with a modest skirt that will work for the office, a fun night out with friends or date night. It slims the body, adds warmth and doesn’t take away from the style of these beautiful skirts. (All skirts made by Mod Bod and available at

2. It is also the perfect shirt when running around town doing errands, grabbing lunch or taking care of the kids in a more relaxed outfit. This outfit, the Amberlee Jacket and Morgan Pants, is perfectly broken up with layering in a white Perfect Long Sleeved Shirt!

3. Cardigans are huge this winter and will still be big this spring as well. You can layer the Perfect Long Sleeve underneath to give your cardigan a bit of color or balance out the color in the cardigan.

Winter Blowout Sale

30 % off all of our Long Sleeved Tees

Free Shipping on orders over $100

From Feb. 2nd until Feb. 7th

Online at

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